Bepanah Pyaar 24th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir Takes Care Of Pragati

Bepanah Pyaar 24th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir Takes Care Of Pragati - Telly Updates
Bepanah Pyaar 24th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir Takes Care Of Pragati

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Pragati remembers Raghbir announcing he trusts her and thinks I cant think this, he cant be Raghbir, i am false impression matters. Ishq tera plays.. Raghbir turns around. Pragati says thank you for trusting me. Raghbir says you stored me from Sukaniya, you relied on me so I paid it lower back, its k in case you didnt inform me matters, you may tell later on. Pragati sneezes. Raghbir says you’ve got a chilly. Pragati says i’m exceptional. Raghbir puts her on mattress and says you have fever too, we are staying here this night. i am napping on sofa. He tucks her in bed and calls reception, he asks for a medical doctor and soup. Pragati smiles seeing his issue. someone tempers with energy in Devraj’s residence. Bua opens door for electrician and asks him to go in basement. Its Prashant. He is going in basement with toolbox and sees basement room locked. Prashant takes off locks from door.

Pragati is asking at rain. Raghbir brings soup for her, she says I dont need it. He says do you need rum? She shakes her head. He makes her sit down and makes her drink soup. Pragati cant prevent searching at him. Pragati falls asleep on couch and is ready to cave in but Raghbir runs to her and puts her head on his shoulder. He puts shawl on her and himself and assessments her fever. He puts his hand round her and falls asleep in every others hands.

Prashant puts locks returned on door but tempers with them, he says no person will realize if door is locked or now not now. Raghbir wakes up and smiles seeing Pragati in his palms. He caresses her face and realizes what he is doing, he appears away. Pragati wakes up and is stunned. She movements away. Raghbir says we have to leave. Pragati is ready to experience, he holds her and says i am ready outside, he leaves. Prashant messages Pragati that he loosened screws so she will enter basement room.

Aditi asks wherein is Raghbir? Kuldeep says Raghbir referred to as last night he will stay at inn due to typhoon. Aditi says he didnt name me? Shalu says he doesnt tell us whatever because of Kuldeep. Aditi says you locked that door too. Kuldeep says we have to leave past at the back of, you humans dont need Raghbir to transport on. Aditi says we attempted to marry him. Kuldeep says you didnt want him to transport on, perhaps because he isn’t always your real son thats why. Aditi says he is not your actual son as properly. Kuldeep says no longer all family members are from blood, while i discovered him, he have become my son. Aditi says I handled this residence while you have become intellectual and left everyone here. Kuldeep says yes, my youngsters needed to stay with out their mother for 21 years, Bani gave him happiness however left him, he has Pragati now, no person will come between them, Raghbir merits happiness.

Raghbir is status out of doors resort and remembers his moments with Pragati, then he recollects life with Bani. He seems at Bani’s photo and says you’re miffed? you suspect I forgot you? i’m able to neglect respiratory however I cant forget you, i used to be simply taking care of Pragati, please comeback to me. Raghbir appears at Bani’s picture and says no person is familiar with me, I dont know whom to speak to while you are not here, Pragati knows me however she cant ever take your vicinity. Pragati hears it and is hurt.

Precap: Pragati is going in basement and puts key inside the lock behind cupboard. someone enters there.