Bepanah Pyaar 2nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir Loses Control

Bepanah Pyaar 2nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir Loses Control - Telly Updates
Bepanah Pyaar 2nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir Loses Control

Bepanah Pyaar 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kuldeep brings sugared yogurt to Raghbir. Pragati comes there dressed. Kuldeep says you each appear like Ram and Sita. She promotes a display. Raghbir leaves. Kuldeep asks Pragati to make him eat it, she leaves. Pragati mixes liquid in yogurt. Raghbir says inform her that I ate it. Pragati says I wont lie, have it. Raghbir is ready to devour it however gets a call and leaves.

Devraj tells press that Raghbir could be with them quickly. A photographer in convention too, its Prashant.

Prashant calls Pragati and says i am right here, do your work, she says i’m able to make him consume that medication. She involves see Kuldeep making Raghbir eat yogurt, she smirks and thinks today he’ll be given his crime.

Tia tells Aditi to bring Harshit, he isn’t right here. Raghbir comes on level and starts conference.

Pragati calls Prashant and asks him to invite question to Raghbir. Media asks Raghbir about his task. Prashant says i’ve a query, Raghbir says what about project? Prashant says its not about the venture but your non-public existence, we’ve heard which you had many women in your. Harshit whispers to Raghbir that clean the infront of all media here. Raghbir says you’ve got heard wrong, i’m operating right here. Prashant says you had a colourful lifestyles in London, we need to recognise reality as people observe you, there have been information and pix about you dancing with ladies, tell fact. Raghbir says I dont recognize what you’re pronouncing, dont question me private questions. Prashant says we want to realize about wife Bani and her loss of life. Raghbir receives irritated and attacks him but Harshit stops him. Prashant says you need to hide how she died? changed into she killed? If she was murdered then why didnt you punish that individual? Do you understand the killer and protective that man or woman? Pragati thinks why he isn’t always confessing fact? Raghbir shouts at Prashant to now not say a word about Bani, she is my spouse and that i wont pay attention something about her. Shalu comes at the back of Pragati and pricks a needle in her arm, she takes her blood and leaves before Pragati is aware of it. Raghbir leaves convention.
Pragati comes to Raghbir’s room and sees yogurt bowl untouched there. She thinks that Kuldeep made Raghbir eat a few different yogurt which didnt have my reality revealing liquid in it. Raghbir beverages and starts offevolved breaking matters in his room. Kuldeep and Harshit comes there and try and stop him. Raghbir shouts that why they keep poking on my wounds? I still love Bani, they cant permit me live or die, why they need me to cry and be in pain all of the time? They dont even permit me stay together with her memories, why they try this? Bani is lifeless.. tell them she is lifeless, sufficient now, why they hurt me and initiate me, I cant pay attention a phrase against her, i can cross mad, they dont allow me die and go to Bani. Pragati hides and sees all that. Raghbir says that is my lifestyles, i’m already broken, I cant even cry as my tears are dry, she falls and cries in Kuldeep’s palms. Harshit says I promise this may in no way appear once more. Kuldeep says dont cry. Raghbir cries and says i love Bani loads. Pragati remembers her loving moments with Raghbir.

Precap: Aditi tells Devraj that Kuldeep is playing own family here, she is sending Pragati out with Raghbir. What if Raghbir gets to realize that Bani’s dying was not an twist of fate? Pragati hides and hears it.