Bepanah Pyaar 9th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir And Pragati Argue Like A Couple

Bepanah Pyaar 9th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir And Pragati Argue Like A Couple - Telly Updates
Bepanah Pyaar 9th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghbir And Pragati Argue Like A Couple

Bepanah Pyaar 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Scene 1

Raghbir and Pragati are outside for dessert. Raghbir locks key inside vehicle and faults Pragati for needing to want dessert. Pragati says you overlooked it inside. We can attempt a certain something. She removes her bobby stick and attempt to open the entryway. Raghbir envisions Bani and continues taking a gander at her. Naina plays. Pragati opens entryway and grins. Raghbir says how you learned it? Pragati says we should leave, she gives him vehicle keys. Raghbir says Bani knew this, she used to do it like this. Pragati says young ladies have bobby stick so I simply attempted. Raghbir says you share a great deal for all intents and purpose with Bani. Pragati falters and says lets leave. They sit in vehicle.

Harshit comes in live with frozen yogurt. Tina doesnt hear him out. Raghbir and Pragati cover up and look on. Harshit says I will eat this frozen yogurt. Its stunning.

Tina says dont you might she venture to, takes frozen yogurt, he says dont be furious with me, he causes her to eat ice-crream, they giggle together. Pragati says this is love. Raghbir says individual who is miffed with you perpetually can be assuaged, he leaves. Pragati supposes I trust past Raghbir is same like present.

Scene 2

Raghbir converses with Pragati and says specialist checked Kuldeep’s medications and thinks something isn’t right with them, he has endorsed new ones. Aditi hears it.

Raghbir gets specialist’s call and says from our home? Pragati thinks imagine a scenario in which he became more acquainted with thatI am Bani as it were. Raghbir goes to her and says be cautious, there was a stone on floor. Raghbir says you lost your sack in specialist’s center, she says you were discussing my wallet? He gestures.

Specialist checks Pragati’s report. Man with dark gloves look on, specialist says her reports are same as Bani, man demonstrates him firearm, specialist says I will do as you state.

Harshit is working for office. Tina says you are dealing with a Sunday as well.

Shalu goes to Priya’s home and sees her gone. She takes her telephone. Priya comes and takes her telephone, she says its own, Shalu says I am your mom, Priya leaves.

Nakul is playing guitar. Devraj says we can have a social occasion where you can play, he says no required, he leaves.

Priya calls somebody and says I will meet you, no one will think about our arrangement. Shalu and Mama cover up and hear it. Mother says she is having an unsanctioned romance once more, I will discover it.

Aditi discloses to Devraj that there is something incorrectly. Raghbir says yes there is. Devraj says Nakul is going out and concealing something. They stop Nakul and ask where he is going? Nakul says I am going for studies, he leaves. Raghbir comes there and asks where are my liquor bottles? Pragati says I dont know, you may have completed them. Raghbir says its your work to deal with my jugs, they contend once more.

Raghbir orders for more jugs. Pragati says you can fill your water tank with liquor, Raghbir says what issue do you have? you need liquor as well? Pragati says I dont drink, this is frenzy. Raghbir says you dont realize that it is so great to drink. Pragati says what? Raghbir says you dont know tranquility of drinking. Raghbir gets his liquor bottles. Pragati brings it and grins.

PRECAP-Raghbir and Pragati get alcoholic. She begins crying. Priya flees from house