Naagin Season 3 26th May 2019 Written *LAST* Episode Update: Bela Kills The Evils, Unites With Mahir, Show Ends Revealing Vish’s Evil Side

Naagin Season 3 26th May 2019 Written *LAST* Episode Update: Bela Kills The Evils, Unites With Mahir, Show Ends Revealing Vish’s Evil Side – Telly Updates

Naagin Season 3 26th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Shivangi telling Shravani/Bela that where to discover her dad and spouse and says she don’t have a clue where are they, she was living reasoning they had endeavored to murder her. She says on the off chance that she will meet them ever and says she is losing trust. Rithik is brought there by Mahir and Rocky. Rithik says we will not leave trust. Bela asks Mahir where he discovered them. Mahir says they were secured in the basement here. Shivangi embraces Rithik and apologizes and says I thought you both attempted to murder me and reviled you. She is sorry. Rithik says anybody would have thought the equivalent and says you didn’t come to murder us, and says God made us alive with the goal that we can disclose to you truth, he says we didn’t execute you. He says my point is satisfied now and tells that he can go gently now. Shivangi asks what is he saying? Rithik says he lost his little girl and his significant other. Shravani says we can bring your affection too. Shivanya comes there wearing red saree. Mahir looks astounded. Tera Pyaar Jeevan Ka… ..plays… .. Rithik goes to her and lays on her lap. Shivanya says we will go together and says she will never leave him. She makes him youthful. Everybody grins. Rithik gets up and grins seeing her. Melody plays… ..tera pyaar jeevan ka… .plays… Rithik and Shivanya wave bye and leave.

Rohini and Alek are going from that point, Vish comes infront of them and chomps them. Shravani reveals to Mahir that some much occurred in one night. Rough asks did you detest me? Shivangi says I never loathe you and believed that you may be defenseless to endeavor to slaughter me. Rough says I can never do this, and requests that her take him to wherever she needs. Shivangi says she will satisfy her last obligation and says she has progressed toward becoming reviled free. She says before leaving the naaglok, I am giving over the crown and naagrani position to Shravani, and says she will be the last naagrani. She says you will be liable for the naagmani, and requests that her recollect that she needs to secure it supposing it as her dharm, and proclaims her as naagrani and rakshita of naagmani. Bela/Shravani guarantees that she will secure the naagmani. Shivangi requests that her recollect that this battle can be won by her as it were. Shivangi and Rocky leave. Vish discloses to Bela that all is well now, and circle is finished. She asks Mahir to embrace Bela and says we won’t chomp you. Mahir embraces Bela. Bela says Vikrant is missing here. Vish says wherever he will be, he is at the tranquil spot. Bela requests that he return home and tell everybody that all is well. She says she has some work. They begin strolling. Shesha turns out from the beginning tells that nothing is done. They go to the sanctuary. Vish asks what occurred, and says you need to keep Naagmani here. Bela says this isn’t yet finished, and tells that Sumitra and Shesha are Naagins, however Tamsee isn’t Naagin. She says in the event that they needed naagmani, at that point they could take when they assaulted Shivangi, and says why they didn’t take it at that point. Vish says might be it was reviled and wound up stone. Bela says might be, yet in my last birth, when Tamsee got the naagmani, she murdered Mahir and me. She says this issue isn’t about naagmani or me, and says we need to battle until we find the solutions.

Sumitra and Tamsee are strolling in the wilderness. Sumitra says they may think we are dead. Tamsee says we lost naagmani. Two headed snake comes infront of them. Bela goes to Bholenath and tells that she needs responds to for her inquiries. A reflection turns out from the Shivji’s temple. Shesha is that wind and ends up human. She says what do you believe that I kicked the bucket. She says gives up and get naagmani. They leave.

A sadhu Markande Baba shows up infront of Bela and Vish. Bela enlightens Vish concerning him and discloses to Baba that she is stressed. Markande advises that the appropriate response is hard to reply in two words. He recounts to that the story is huge, and says this war not just between the shesh naag and nidok naag. He tells about the Samudra ghatna and says numerous things turned out from it, and for what everybody was holding up is Amrit, which Dev and Danav need to get it. He says Devs got it, and says significant job is of Vasuki Naag and asks do you realize who is he? Bela says first naagraj. Vish says our kuldevta. Markande Baba tells that Danav pulled his body while Devs’ pulled his tail. They disseminated the things which left samudra. He says Vasuki naagraj left from that point without taking anything, yet somebody from his vansh needed amrit. They think they are sold out. Vasuki Maharaj sister Mansha helped him who was naagrani, and says kusurp didn’t stay silent and they were the ones who endeavored to murder Shivangi. Vish says why they needed to murder Bela in the wake of getting Naagmani. Markande Baba advises that they needed to slaughter Naagrani as they need to end naaglok. Bela says that is the reason Sukurp shook hands with Sumitra. Vish says with malice Tamsee. Bela says Shesha is the sukurp. Markande baba tells that Naagmani is alright for 50 Poornimas and after that suraksha chakra will move, you need to discover the adversaries of naagmani and execute them.

They return home. Bela expresses gratitude toward Mahir for consenting to wed her today around evening time itself. Mahir inquires as to whether that happened that I didn’t satisfy your desire and inquires as to why Rishi requested that they wed today. Bela says on the grounds that icchadhari naagin won’t lose her forces even in the wake of wedding a human. She says he said that last birth reviled didn’t end today, and tells that today is the poornima night. Mahir gets some information about the revile. Bela says when we got hitched in last birth, I was reviled as I wedded a human and we got joined together, and says that revile is still with me. Yet, today this won’t occur, this is the evening of pardoning. Mahir says you needed to apologize to me. Bela grins. Samarjeet and kanika comes there. Kanika inquires as to whether he is fine. Mahir says I am completely fine and requests that they trust him and says Shravani and I are made for one another. Bela says I won’t lie, I am a naagin. Vish says Icchadhari Naagin. Samarjeet says we will join the adoration winged creatures until the end of time. Mahir and Bela sit for the marriage, keeping Naagmani infront of them. Pandit ji approaches them to go to bat for rounds. Tamsee, Sumitra and Shesha come there. Tamsee says rounds are occurring here without welcoming us. Bela says stop, don’t think. Golden Bua says I had said that something isn’t right with DM. Sumitra says just you have recognized me properly, others was aimlessly trusting me. Bela requests that they converse with her and not to converse with her relatives.

Tamsee says you realize what is the explanation behind our entry here. Vish says you are constant to come excluded. Bela says you will go flat broke. Sumitra says we will take this naagmani today and requests that her give. Bela asks Vish and Mahir to deal with relatives and says I will satisfy their last wish and come. Bela conveys them to the sanctuary and is grasping the naagmani. Shesha says you are extremely distraught to bring us here. Sumitra says you called your demise. Tamsee says this is called pomposity. Shesha says whoever has the naagmani today, will be the proprietor of the naagmani for 50 poornimas. Sumitra says in the event that we kill her today, at that point the issue of 50 poornimas will end. Bela says today all of you will be killed. She says Shesha… your sukurp meets our foes, yet they won’t be effective and says Naagmani will be put something aside for Anant kaal with your end. She assaults Sumitra and hold her with her tail. Tamsee assaults her with her detestable forces, however nothing happens to Bela. Shesha circles her tail around Bela. Sumitra says you are nothing infront of us Bela. Bela moves toward becoming snake. Sumitra and Shesha become wind as well. Tamsee requests that they murder Bela. They chomp Bela. Bela tumbles down. She turns out to be half naagin with 5 wind heads.

Bela assaults Sumitra with the trishul and executes her. Sumitra tumbles down. Bela assaults Shesha’s neck with the trishul and murders her. Tamsee is stunned, before she could do anything, Bela assaults her neck and executes her with the Trishul. Tamsee tumbles down dead. Bela winds up human once more. She reviews Markande baba requesting that her end every one of the shades of malice and giving her trishul to slaughter them. He says this is given to Naag vansh’s rakshak and requests that her hold it to murder them. Bela takes it. Fb closes. Vish comes there and says Naagmani is sheltered at this point. Bela says somebody will dependably be here to secure Naagmani. She keeps the naagmani infront of Mahadev and folds her hand. Vish additionally overlap her hand. Bela discloses to Vish that our Naagmani is ok for 50 Poornimas as it is secured by the Suraksha chakra around it. She says no one can contact it. Vish says your one obligation is finished, and requests that her get hitched.

Bela and Vish go to Mahir’s home. Mahir embraces Bela. Bela says I disclosed to you that I will return securely and will satisfy my guarantee this time. Golden Bua asks where are they, trio? Bela says they were slaughtered. Vish requests that they draw close to the mandap. Mahir and Bela take the rounds once more. Tere Sang Pyaar me… .plays… .Their first marriage pledges are appeared. Everybody is upbeat. Pandit ji asks Mahir to apply sindoor to her. Mahir applies sindoor in her temple. He says you are looking cheerful today. Bela says in light of the fact that I have comprehended that you are the one for me. Mahir makes her wear mangalsutra. He says I made you mine. Bela says I was yours dependably. They take seniors’ gifts. Mohit inquires as to whether she isn’t Raima. Vish says she is Vishaka. Bela and Mahir come to Vish. Vish gives them all the best for their fresh start. Bela expresses gratitude toward her and says this wouldn’t have been conceivable without your assistance. Vish requests that her thank bhole naath. Bela says you may be my own sister in some birth. Vish says I am your sister in this birth as well.

Mahir goes to his room. Bela is perched on the bed. In Lamhon Ke plays… ..He shuts the entryway. He goes to her and embraces her. He says will I ask you something and inquires as to whether she will tell truth? Bela says do you have any uncertainty? Mahir asks what is valuable to you, Naagmani or me. Bela asks how could you, how might you question. She says what is most valuable is Naagmani as it has esteem. Mahir is stunned. Bela says it has esteem, yet you are extremely valuable. Mahir grins and kisses her brow. Their past birth minute is appeared. Melody plays once more. Their past birth gathering minutes are appeared. Mahir and Bela take a gander at one another. He draws nearer to her.

Two women are appeared at the sanctuary. Their feet with anklets are appeared. They keep hand over the trishul and naagmani. The woman is appeared, she is Vish..who says that she hung tight for it without a doubt. Other woman says it is put something aside for 50 poornimas. Vish says after that even Shravani can’t ensure it as she might suspect she has executed every one of the foes, and she didn’t think about us. She giggles. The other woman is appeared and she is additionally Vish. Vish is the two headed snake and converses with her other half and tells that they have know now where to look Naagani after 50 Poornimas. She chuckles.

The show finished.

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