Udaan 20th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Jatin Learns About Chako

Udaan 20th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Jatin Learns About Chako – Telly Updates

Udaan 20th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Chakor pronouncing Anjor, my daughter, i used to be yearning for you. Anjor gets away and says I hate you. Chakor says come to me as soon as. Anjor says escape, pass from here, I hate you. She asks inspector to take Chakor away.

They cry. Anjor says i’m able to destroy my head. Chakor asks inspector to see her. Naina….plays…. Chakor runs out and cries. She thinks of Anjor. Jatin and Poonam come there. Jatin says Chakor, right here…. Poonam assessments a message and collides with Chakor. She doesn’t see Chakor. Poonam and Jatin speak to inspector.

Inspector tells about Sameer’s suicide. Poonam says Sameer proposed Anjor, while Anjor rejected, he is doing this drama, tell me who has filed the grievance.

Jatin sees Chakor’s call and says i’m able to see, you go to Anjy. Jatin says launch my daughter,

else i’m able to have to call commissioner. Inspector says your daughter can be punished. He says her life might be ruined, tell me what’s the alternative manner. She says if the person that filed complaint, takes it back, then Anjor can get loose.

Jatin thinks how is Chakor related to Sameer, it method she doesn’t know about Anjor. Chakor is at temple and cries. She says I did a big sin, I got my daughter arrested, why does she hate me. Poonam says Anjy gained’t be here. Anjor asks do I should live right here.

Jatin says its non bailable offence, Anjor can’t get released on bail. Anjor recollects Chakor.

Chakor says what shall I do, i have braveness to walk on the right course, I didn’t recognise that this way will make me faraway from my daughter, what shall I do now. Jatin says we can’t take one of these step, else Anjy can fall in worse kingdom. He calls a person and asks him no longer to let this news reach media. Poonam guarantees to loose Anjor from the jail.

Sameer gets conscious and sees his circle of relatives and Prakash. His dad forgives him. Sameer asks in which is Chakor. Jaya says i will pass and pay chadava in temple. Poonam comes with a cheque to bribe them. She says I m Anjy’s mother.

Sameer’s dad argues together with her. He tears the cheque and asks her to depart. Poonam angrily is going. Jatin says you knew this, Chakor is in Mumbai anjor says sure, she is our sports activities trainer. He says I told you, you can tell me in case you want to meet me. She says sorry, i have hidden this to shield you and mom, Chakor doesn’t exist for me, get me out of here.

He says don’t worry, i will get you out. Her friends come. He asks them to attend to Anjy. He goes. Reema says Sameer is in medical institution, his circumstance is awful, he surely cherished you. Prakash comes and says you didn’t do right, Sameer loved you, you attacked his own family, why did you do this, what did you get. Anjor asks is he out of risk. He asks why, are you feeling horrific, you don’t have any coronary heart. Anjor says i’m able to’t get launched, till Chakor takes the case returned, try to persuade her.

Reema calls Chakor and apologizes to her. She says Anjor is prepared to express regret to you, come and meet her. Chakor asks does she need to meet me, I m coming.

Chakor comes to satisfy Anjor. Anjor asks her to sign papers rapid and get the lockup opened. Chakor says forgive me, i’m able to’t take the case back, someone is fighting with lifestyles and death, i will’t be egocentric, i will’t sacrifice my ideas, I gained’t take the case returned.

Sameer comes and says I need to take this case lower back. Chakor says anything Anjy did with you, you need to take the case again.

He says its my mistake, I forgot my reputation, I belong to middle elegance own family, I madly loved Anjor, i will harm myself, however can’t see her in any problem. Anjor cries. Chakor asks Anjor to see Sameer, what he is announcing about her in this state.

Anjor gets released. Anjor asks Sameer are you excellent. He says I don’t want each person’s sympathy. He feels harm. Anjor worries. He stops her and goes. Anjor thinks Chakor is the purpose for all this.

Precap: Jaya says Anjy can’t be your daughter, your daughter is dead, that is her death certificates. Chakor tries to convince Anjor. Anjor says i have achieved Shraddh of our relation, you are lifeless for me now.

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