Gathbandhan 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghu Gets To Know About Dhanak’s Career

Gathbandhan 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghu Gets To Know About Dhanak’s Career - Telly Updates
Gathbandhan 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghu Gets To Know About Dhanak’s Career

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Dhanak says sorry to Raghu and says you’re Mai’s son however no longer like her, sorry. Raghu stops her and says it doesn’t appearance precise on you. He holds her hand. She shakes his hand as friends. Raghu smiles. Dhanak says this friendship will now not spoil at any price.

In the morning, the priest does Raghu’s aarti. Artist is making Raghu’s cartoon on Mahindra’s commands.
humans are chanting for Raghu. He climbs on stairs to place flag up mandir. He sees from a window that caricature artist is making a cartoon. he is tensed.

Mahindra shows cartoon to Dhanak. Does she say its him? He nods. Dhanak comes out of a residence and looks at Raghu. Raghu is tensed and runs from there. He attempts to cover and pray. Dhanak appears around and finds him. She glares at him and takes him from there.

Dhanak appears at a cartoon and indicates him but it’s miles someone else. Raghu is calm. Dhanak says you saw him anywhere? he abducted my papa, my papa noticed him the previous day, we will locate him. Raghu says i can locate come what may. Dhanak says i’m able to beat him a lot, he might be punished, she asks him to maintain cartoon and leaves. Raghu sighs in alleviation. caricature artist comes there and smirks. Raghu hugs him and thanks you. Artist says you helped me eight years lower back, I knew he turned into making do your comic strip so I modified it. Raghu says you’re top notch.

Mai is indignant. Maya grabs Bai and says let Raghu come. Mai factors gun to Bai. Raghu and Aslam come there and ask what passed off? Does Mai say wherein were you final night? in fitness centre? he nods. She asks with whom? He says i used to be with Dhanak. Bai says yes I noticed them very near each different. Mai glares at Raghu. Maya gets indignant. Mai asks why? Raghu says i like her and will make her your daughter in law. Mai gets angry and shoots in air. Raghu says i am joking, she was saying sorry to me for you, she became crying and saying sorry. Mai says what about earlier? Raghu says i used to be joking. Mai seems at Bai and says look absolutely next time, she leaves. Maya says sorry to Raghu and leaves. Raghu thinks that God assists me with all this.

Batli brings Preeti to market and says we can get a variety of work right here. Does she ask him? He asks her to move in keep and get paintings finished. Preeti says how? he is speak me about stealing however she doesn’t know. Batli steals a purse from individual and gives half of the cash to Preeti, she is stunned. Batli asks her to move and thieve now. She runs from there.

Dhanak is on street searching out auto. Raghu comes there and says i will help you, wherein are you going? Dhanak says for some paperwork. Raghu stops a rickshaw, there are sacks on a seat. He says we can manage and sits intently with Dhanak. Bai sees this.

Raghu and Dhanak are sitting carefully in a car. Bai and Mai are following them in any other rickshaw. Bai says they were sitting close. Mai says i will understand if he is hiding something. Dhanak takes out lunch container and says devour, i really like them. Raghu eats it and says its very best. Dhanak says I made them. Mai sees them from her rickshaw and glares. Dhanak sees a smear on his face and wipes his face. Does Mai say Raghu lied to me? to his Mai? a few goons stop Dhanak’s rickshaw. Raghu seems on and says dont fear. He comes out of rickshaw. Mai sees guys and says they’re from another gang, Raghu will cope with them. Raghu talks to goons and recalls how he beat them earlier. He says i will display you all. A goon beats him but Dhanak comes there and beats goons. All are shocked. Dhanak starts fighting with goons. Mai and Bai are bowled over. Mai says how can she punch them like this? Dhanak expertly handles all goons even as Raghu looks on. Raghu and others clap for Dhanak. Dhanak asks if he is pleasant? Raghu says you are first rate first-ratee wipes her hand wound, the way you controlled it? Dhanak says its my IPS education, its police education. Raghu is taken aback and thinks that this is not proper, she is from police?

Preeti tells own family that Batli steals for paintings. Batli comes there and says I got some greater work achieved today, he says to Preeti that you’ll research quickly. Mahindra says we did a mistake thinking you are a pleasing guy, you saved my life but we dont do all this. Batli says what? I thought she will work for me, he leaves. Nani says to Mahindra that Mai’s son Raghu saved your life now not batli. Mahindra says this chawl and city is terrible, i will pass again to my house in Gujrat. Nani says your property changed into sold and your youngsters dont have a house. Mahindra is taken aback and falls down.

Dhanak walks with Raghu and is going to her area. Raghu recollects her words and falls down, he says God why this befell with me? He recalls her moments with Dhanak. He says what will I do now? Rain starts offevolved. Raghu looks on and smiles, he thinks that I should discover a solution. God is giving me sign.

Dhanak comes domestic. Mahindra says you lied to me? Dhanak says we can make every other residence, we are collectively. Mahindra says we dont have some thing left. Dhanak says we are together, this will make us stronger, dont worry, she wipes his tears. He smiles.

Mai ties thread on terrace and says when she actions from right here, she will be able to fall from terrace. Bai ties thread there. Mai mistakenly slips from terrace and hangs from there. Mai screams for Raghu. Dhanak comes out of chawl and sees her putting. Sejal says its right for her. Nani says dont say that.

Gathbandhan 8th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Dhanak comes on terrace and sees Mai striking from roof. She takes pin and pokes her hand. Raghu is going for walks to save Mai. Mai loses stability because of pin poking and falls down. Raghu shouts Mai.

Gathbandhan 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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