GUDDAN TUMSE NA HO PAYEGA December 24th 2018 Written Update: Episode (Guddan Comes Back)

GUDDAN TUMSE NA HO PAYEGA December 24th 2018 Written Update: Episode (Guddan Comes Back) - Telly Updates
GUDDAN TUMSE NA HO PAYEGA December 24th 2018 Written Update: Episode (Guddan Comes Back)

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_ Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Episode _ starts With AJ says to dadi once I used to visit play cricket you would get sad. Dadi says we gave her a lot happiness however she left in a moment? AJ says please take your medicine. He says if you don’t take it, i will convey hr again. She says no Guddan will come returned on her personal. i’m able to see how lengthy she doesn’t come again. I cherished her with all my love. If shhe doesn’t come back my love could lose. AJ says in coronary heart how do I inform you her eyes didn’t even need to head.

‘Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega’ 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update:

Laxmi says to Durga you performed the sort of big recreation. Durga says she left on her very own. I need to make candy for anyone. Get things geared up. She leaves. Saru says she bosses us round. Durga says dadi come consume. Durga says come consume. we can’t depart food for everyone. AJ says durga is proper.

In some moments you in no way understand your Guddan would be breaking matters right here. She without a doubt loves you. while she comes again she will be able to fight why you ate without her. Guddan cmes and says wow uncle. you are saying proper matters every now and then. Dadi hugs Guddan. Guddan says no matter what occurs, we shouldn’t go away meals. You taught me own family ought to be collectively festival. Gudan says you notion I left? this is my residence. I missed all and sundry. the whole thing become so heated up. I went to I should cool them. Guddan says you didn’t agree with me? Dadi says I knew you wont do whatever like that. She hugs guddan. Durga says how are you going to do this dadi. that is our house. Her own family insulted us in front of guests. Guddan says I spoke to them. They wanna express regret AJ says they wanna express regret for them being insulted? Guddan says yes. AJ says what did you tell them that convinced them to say that? Why do they wanna express regret us? Guddan says I instructed them them matters got heated up. I made them comprehend their mistake. Papa said that there is not anything incorrect with being apologetic. Dadi says come let’s devour. AJ says to Guddan stop. Why do you look tensed? She says i am constantly in tension. Guddan says wow such properly meals. Durga says while her family comes right here she can see.

Kaushaliya calls Guddan and says how did you go there after I requested you no longer to? Guddan says they wanna make an apology you. Bhushan says they wanna express regret us? That’s so incredible of them. Kaushliya says we’re coming there. the ones DILs should make an apology us. Guddan is in shock. She says what did I say and do. How will they express regret each other. I said such a lot of lies.

Guddan involves AJ. He says i’m doing my work. She takes his computer and says my belly hurts. He says take medication. She says please try to understand. AJ says what is your problem? She says remedy can’t work in this stomach. once I lie, my stomach hurts. He says meaning you lied? What lie is that? You even lied to mother. She tells him everything. He asys restore it your self. She says I told my own family lie too. All DILs will make an apology to my family.

Precap: Guddan attempts to repair the trouble between the households.

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