Kesari Nandan 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Zoravar’s arrangement

Kesari Nandan 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Zoravar’s arrangement - Telly Updates
Kesari Nandan 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Zoravar’s arrangement

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Goons get up and see Bhairav. Bhairav demonstrates to them a blade and says young ladies have quite recently thumped, I will slaughter you, don’t set out to enlighten anybody regarding the young ladies. The goons concur. Bhairav says on the off chance that anybody asks you, tell that Bhairav has beaten you. He goes. Zoravar comes to Hanumant and begins his show. He says Madhavi is missing. Hanumant gets stunned.

Zoravar says same goon was watching out for our family, kids are fine, I m furious on myself, I m not ready to accomplish something, I can’t secure my family, I ought to have been a wrestler like you. Hanumant asks him not to cry and go. Zoravar says don’t make any off-base stride, I will secure children. He goes grinning. Bijli completes a dramatization before Kesari. She acts stressed for Madhavi. Kesari requests that her attempt the hoops, it will coordinate with the accessory which Zoravar got for her. Bijli says he didn’t let me know. Kesari asks what, he didn’t demonstrate to you, possibly he didn’t get it for you, or he kept it as a shock. Bijli says it might occur. Kesari and children leave. They all attempt to discover Madhavi. Kesari sees Jawahar and stops him. He says my mum is unwell, I need to go to her. She says my father is in prison, my mum is feeling the loss of, my father is honest, you would not support me, I know Zoravar is the genuine killer, you need to offer explanation to spare Hanumant.

He asks how could you know, I won’t come. She says please. Jagat sees Zoravar coming and says on the off chance that he sees Jawahar, it will be a major issue. He makes a decent attempt and gets up from his wheelchair. He runs and pushes Jawahar. Kesari slams into Zoravar. Kalki and Pappu surge. Kesari says I came to discover mum. Zoravar says there is much risk, come. Jawahar grins seeing Jagat on feet and says you can walk Jagat. Jagat says yes. He says I took a stab at seeing Kesari, else Zoravar would have gotten you and Kesari. Jawahar says you spared my life, notwithstanding when I would not help. Jagat says its my father’s gifts, you can in any case help me.

Kalki discovers Madhavi and embraces her calling her Maasa. Pappu says Madhavi isn’t your mum. Madhavi says its fine, I wasn’t missing, I came here to support this woman, she swooned, I dropped her home, I think I dropped my telephone out and about, we will return home at this point. Zoravar asks Bijli for what good reason didn’t she watch out for children. Bijli requests her accessory. He asks which jewelry, I have no cash for sustenance, by what means will I get neckband. She says you got cash by selling drugs. He calls her eager. Madhavi and children return home and hear him. He sees Madhavi.

Precap: Kesari says Zoravar needs us to remain stressed. Hanumant asks Zoravar did he discover Madhavi. Zoravar says no. Bhairav says we need to discover Zoravar’s arrangement. Hanumant get away. Bhairav says for what reason did Hanumant do this. Police takes steps to shoot Hanumant. Kesari says perhaps this is Zoravar’s arrangement.