Kesari Nandan 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update

Kesari Nandan 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update - Telly Updates
Kesari Nandan 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update

Kesari Nandan 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kesari says indeed, I need to converse with Bhairav, what is Zoravar arranging. Hanumant asks Zoravar did you discover Madhavi. Zoravar says no. Monitor chides Hanumant for making a call. Hanumant gets his firearm. He focuses firearm at them and says my better half is hijacked, that adversary is after her, I need to proceed to discover her. He flees. Controller requests that the group get him.

Jawahar supposes I can’t get terrified of Zoravar now, I couldn’t meet my mum today. He requests that the goon make him converse with Zoravar. Goon calls Zoravar. Jawahar says my mum is sick, I need to return home to meet her. Zoravar admonishes him. Jawahar says I won’t tell anybody, let me return home. Zoravar says shut up, when I manage Hanumant, I will converse with you. Bhairav says we need to know Zoravar’s arrangement. Investigator asks Hanumant not to run else he will shoot. Bhairav and Kesari see the police pursuing Hanumant. Kesari inquires as to for what reason did father flee from prison, is this current Zoravar’s arrangement. Bhairav asks how did Hanumant get tricked. They hear a weapon shot and rushed to see. Hanumant runs and stows away. Assessor requests that he give up, else he will be shot.

Hanumant will not give up. H says I need to secure my family, make me meet my family first. Bhairav and Kesari come there. Kesari rushes to Hanumant. Bhairav requests that Inspector quit terminating. Hanumant asks what are you doing here. Kesari inquires as to for what reason did you flee. He says I heard Madhavi is missing. She says no, she is protected at home, its foe’s arrangement with the goal that you flee from prison. She calls Madhavi and makes him talk. He asks are you fine. Kesari and Bhairav ask Hanumant to give up to the police. Kesari says we are turning out, don’t shoot. Bhairav says don’t fire, Hanumant is giving up. Hanumant gives up and restores the weapon. He goes with the police.

Madhavi supplicates. Zoravar asks what occurred. She says Kesari made me converse with Hanumant, he had come up short on the correctional facility, he returned to imprison after Kesari clarified him. He says its great, for what reason did he run. She says don’t have a clue, all is well at this point. Bhairav favors Kesari and says you have indicated much development today, I needed to disclose to Hanumant that Zoravar is his foe, however I realize this would be absurdity, we can’t tell this until we have confirmation, I wish to make you my Guru. Kesari cries and says I simply need to be my folks’ girl, I simply need my family back. He says it will occur. He embraces her.

Bijli contends with Zoravar. He says my arrangement isn’t working, I m stressed. She says Hanumant will go to imprison following 3 days, I will make desserts for you. She goes. Jagat hears them and thinks to educate Kesari. Kalki says we can tell police that Zoravar is cultivating drugs, its illicit. Bhairav says fine, however in what capacity will we demonstrate that Zoravar executed Rana ji. Kesari says we can discover about Kala’s demise. Bhairav says garbage dealer knew his fact and fled. Kesari says possibly he additionally got slaughtered. She gets Jagat’s call. She says we are fine, Bhairav is with us. Jagat advises her. Kesari says our arrangement worked, Bijli and Zoravar had a contention. Jagat says truly, they don’t have the foggiest idea about that we realize that Zoravar is behind this, I heard their discussion. Bijli hears this and gets stunned. She comes to Jagat and gazes at him. Kesari thinks did Jagat get captured.

Precap: Bijli says you became more acquainted with everything. Kesari comes and says I additionally know everything.