Kesari Nandan 23rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesari grins

Kesari Nandan 23rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesari grins - Telly Updates
Kesari Nandan 23rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesari grins

Kesari Nandan 23rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Bijli calls the legal advisor and gets some information about the property papers. Legal advisor says indeed, Zoravar got the papers on his name. Bhairav grins. Bijli blows up and cries. Bhairav pays the legal counselor. Zoravar gets back home. Bijli contends with him. He says I can’t make the papers now. Bijli says you got the property on your name, you figure I will execute you to get property. He asks who has nourished this in your brain, I haven’t done anything. She says you are lying and conning me. He says you are my Bijli, this will be our own, Hanumant needs to go to imprison. He embraces her. Kesari gets thinking.

Bijli requests that her prepare to go to Zoravar. Kesari inquires as to myself, in the event that you think I m tricking you. She says I need Zoravar to get rebuffed, allow me one day to demonstrate that he won’t give you any property, else you can come clean to him, in the event that I demonstrate this, you will go to police and tell everything. Bijli concurs. Kesari goes to meet Kalki. Kalki says Bhairav told about some arrangement. Kesari says I advised everything to Bijli, she will help us now. She asks Kalki for what valid reason was she crying. Kalki says my auntie would not take me along, since she won’t get any property, trust will get property, for what reason will she raise me, I thought auntie resembles mum, nobody adores me, I have nobody with me. Kesari says we are there, don’t cry. She embraces Kalki.

She says I m your companion. Kalki says no, I was so mean towards you. Kesari says you loved my home and mum, join my school, we will go school together, Jawahar will bomb once more. Kalki says indeed, yet I have no gatekeeper here. Bhairav comes and asks what’s going on. Kesari says you look glad. He says our arrangement is prepared, Bijli will talk up Zoravar’s reality now. He calls a woman Tia. He says she is my companion, she will help Bijli now. Tia says I m helping only for the good of Bhairav, he made numerous favors on me, I need to help both of you. Bhairav grins. Kesari and Kalki see them grinning and grin. Kesari asks what’s the arrangement.

Zoravar goes over Tia and gets hypnotized. Bhairav says now he will get caught. Zoravar plays with her. Bhairav says now Bijli will realize that he doesn’t merit her. Tia says I have come to meet Zoravar. Zoravar says welcome, why. Tia says I had a lot of cash to contribute, somebody said that Zoravar is a decent representative, you know him. He says truly, I will take you, I m Zoravar. She says I was discovering you since long, nobody is helping me. He asks how a lot of cash. She says 5 crores. He gets stunned. She inquires as to why, is it less. He says no, alright, accompany me to my home. She slips in his arms. Pappu clicks their pics. Kesari checks the pic. Bhairav says leave her now. Tia says sorry. Zoravar says its fine. He takes her home. Kesari says now its second piece of our arrangement.

Precap: Bijli cries and goes to police. Kesari says Bijlu will reveal to Zoravar’s fact to police. Auditor comes to Zoravar.