Kesari Nandan 25th July 2019 Written Episode Update

Kesari Nandan 25th July 2019 Written Episode Update - Telly Updates
Kesari Nandan 25th July 2019 Written Episode Update

Kesari Nandan 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Bhairav takes a monitor’s camouflage and comes to meet Hanumant. Hanumant inquires as to for what reason did you come here, our foe is close. Bhairav says I know our foe. Hanumant asks do you realize who is he, let me know once. Bhairav says I can’t let you know, you can’t sit quiet hearing his name, its devil that you remain calm, my arrangement is prepared, we will capture the adversary today around evening time and you will be out tomorrow first thing. Hanumant says I m favored to have a companion like you, in what manner will I bless your heart. Bhairav asks will you make me cry now, I will go, fare thee well. He goes.

Bijli asks Kesari where did Zoravar conceal cash. Kesari says he is deceiving you. Bijli says I need to catch him in the act and after that go up against him. Kesari says then he will realize that somebody advised this to you. Bijli says no, I will reveal to him that I tailed him. Jagat says he doesn’t stress for you, he doesn’t love you, we as a whole are alive, proceed to advise truth to police, we as a whole can get spared. Kesari says fine, you will trust us soon. She takes Bijli and requests that her see the cash. She asks Bijli to make the telephone call. Bijli calls Zoravar.

She says I got the cash pack at the godown, spare me… . She yells for assistance. Zoravar asks what befell you. Kesari asks Bijli to see now. Bijli is tied up. She says they have wounded me. Zoravar asks where is the cash. She says he was running with cash sack, I attempted to stop him, he wounded me and fled, take me to specialist, I m in agony. He asks where did he take cash. She says he had tossed the pack there. He says pause. She says take me to specialist. He searches for the pack. He gets the pack and checks. He gets the cash and says my cash got spared. Kesari plays police alarm. Zoravar stresses. Bijli says take me to emergency clinic. She supposes you are leaving me. Zoravar says I cherish cash. She says take me to specialist. He says leave me. He takes cash and goes. Bijli gets pitiful. Jagat and Kesari come to Bijli.

Kesari says Zoravar doesn’t love you, he picked cash over his harmed spouse, will you bolster me now. She takes Bijli home. She reassures Bijli and says I m sorry to learn this, I have no time, what did you choose, let me know, I need to get father liberated, don’t inform him concerning me. Bijli says I will never pardon Zoravar. She is sorry and embraces Kesari. She says I bolstered him generally as I adored him, I won’t excuse him and conflict with him. Kesari says in the event that you go to police, Hanumant will be obliged to you. Bijli says excuse me, I m additionally a guilty party, I fouled up with all of you. She cries. She says I will get opportunity for Hanumant, he is blameless, I will get Zoravar rebuffed. Kesari grins. Madhavi asks Bijli where is she going. Bijli says excuse me and embraces her. Madhavi asks what occurred. Bijli says you are great, I will fix everything. She goes.

Kesari says our arrangement worked, Bijli has gone to the police headquarters, she will enlighten police concerning Zoravar’s violations, I trust Bijli. Zoravar hears them. Zoravar saw Bhairav. Bhairav says I met Hanumant and requested that he remain alert, I will call police headquarters and affirm about Bijli. Kesari asks. Zoravar believes Kesari’s fantasy will never get satisfied, Hanumant can never leave prison.

Precap: Pappu asks Kesari to take Jawahar and go. Zoravar and his goons tie up everybody.