KUMKUM BHAGYA December 24th 2018 Written Update: Episode (Abhi And Purab Get Caught Trying To Steal The Admission Form In School)

KUMKUM BHAGYA December 24th 2018 Written Update: Episode (Abhi And Purab Get Caught Trying To Steal The Admission Form In School) - Telly Updates
KUMKUM BHAGYA December 24th 2018 Written Update: Episode (Abhi And Purab Get Caught Trying To Steal The Admission Form In School)

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_ Kumkum Bhagya Episode _ starts With Abhi thinking he shall see a very good face before starting a new paintings, and calls Kiara. Kiara asks him to return over to her vicinity. Hunge Juda Na Hum plays…..Abhi appears at Pragya in the back of Kiara. Kiara asks Abhi to come. Abhi asks her to ask her mummy if he can come? Kiara says you met earlier than additionally whilst i used to be now not with you both, and says I need to make you pals. Pragya nods her head. Kiara says she stated sure. Abhi says I didn’t hear and thinks that he has to head tonight to thieve the admission form, and tells Kiara referring her Jaan, darling and tells that he may have celebration day after today..He says i like you. Pragya says he need to be busy. Kiara says ok and receives disillusioned. Pragya asks Kiara approximately the balloons. Kiara tells that Abhi gave her balloons and asked her to consider the check and now not about the result.

‘Kumkum Bhagya’ 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update:

She says he’s great. Pragya thinks he’s international’s quality father. Kiara hugs her.

Purab and Abhi come to highschool inside the night. Purab says we would have long gone inside with the car. Abhi says we’re thieves now. Purab says you would have deliberate in advance. They see watchman playing on his mobile. They ask him if the cash is his and give him cash, idiot him and goes inner. Abhi tells Purab that there is a thrill right here. Purab says in which is thrill right here and concerns in the event that they get caught. Abhi says you would have despatched Disha, as she desired to come back. Purab says I came because of Disha else she would have scolded me. Watchman comes inside suspecting someone entered, appears inside the room and goes. Purab and Abhi visit primary’s cabin. Tanu fumes whilst she couldn’t discover Abhi and thinks he is spending extra time with Pragya now, and thinks I received’t let you revel in the time. She thinks of Aaliya’s phrases asking her to loosen up and act infront of Abhi. She throws the glass and says she will’t loosen up. She says if Abhi is observed in her bedroom then i will not depart him. within the foremost’s cabin, Abhi asks Purab why he gets much scared. Disha calls Purab and asks if the paintings is accomplished. Purab says time is wanted for stealing. Disha asks him to give name to Abhi. Purab says Abhi is busy and says lock is not opening. He asks her no longer to call again and says he receives tensed. Abhi opens the locker’s room with a pin.

Tanu jewelry the door bell. Pragya thinks if Kiara wakes up again then she can now not sleep. She opens the door. Tanu asks where is Abhi? Pragya says he isn’t always here? Tanu asks what you do with him and blames her for calling him to her region. She accuses her for snatching Abhi from her. Pragya tells that it was she who snatched him. Tanu says she will be able to cross and test internal. Pragya stops her and says she isn’t right here? Tanu says my doubt is confirmed now and is going to her room. Disha thinks as soon as Abhi receives the papers then Kiara and Pragya come again domestic, and thinks Tanu must leave them, and hopes Pragya will go back to store them from risky and mad Tanu. Tanu pulls the blanket pronouncing that is an excessive amount of Abhi. Kiara cries and says Mamma. Pragya asks her to sleep and says mumma is right here. She makes Kiara sleep. Pragya asks Tanu to leave at once.

Pragya kisses Kiara and tells that she won’t allow some thing happen to her. She says I may be with you usually. Abhi searches for the shape and thinks of Pragya’s words that essential locked the shape within the locker. He asks are you able to see any locker here? Purab says no. Abhi thinks where is locker and thinks Pragya will not mislead him. He sees certificates and says OMG. They see locker in the back of the certificate. Abhi says thanks to pragya and says it changed into future. Purab asks him to take her to dinner. Abhi says i’ve faux keys and puts the keys inside the locker to open it. They hear the police jeep sound and discover the door locked, and lighting on. Pragya senses Abhi’s life is in threat. She tells that she is concerned for her papa. Kiara says he should be first-rate and says he asked her to attend to her.

Police comes there and opens the door. Purab says they’ll take us to Police station. Abhi asks Purab to run, and runs. Police catches Purab and asks Abhi to forestall.

Precap: Pragya tells Abhi that she can accept his condition, however what approximately the beyond 7 years, and asks if he’s going to carry the beyond and asks if she will be able to forgive him. She says this will’t happen. Abhi holds her hand and asks her to tell what to do to make this possible.

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