Kundali Bhagya 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Karan And Prithvi Get Into A Fight

Kundali Bhagya 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Karan And Prithvi Get Into A Fight - Telly Updates
Kundali Bhagya 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Karan And Prithvi Get Into A Fight

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Karan blames Prithvi for lying saying that everything that he is doing is phony, preeta demands that she disclose to him what he fiery debris to do to influence him to acknowledge in light of the fact that he can’t comprehend what Karan has against him. Karan and him gets into a battle and begins to blame each other for being awful for Preeta, Karan gets truly disappointed and begins to beat Prithvi he asks Preeta to take Karan away, she endeavors to do it anyway Karan is irate and returns to hit him, when they leave Prithvi chuckles saying that he betrayed Karan and got him caught in his own arrangement, he ponders that all that they need to sit tight for the present is that Sherlin weds Rishab and he can wed Preeta.

Preeta turns out and says that they concurred she would converse with him, he disclose that he needed to hop in when he was not saying anything against him, she says that anything incorrectly must be said for an individual who isn’t right yet Prithvi isn’t that individual, Karan endeavors to influence her to understand that it is Prithvi yet she differs saying that it can’t be Prithvi yet some other person, Karan says that it is Prithvi anyway Preeta says that is the will demonstrate that Sherlin has some issue and will demonstrate it yet it won’t be Prithvi.

Karan leaves, Prithvi from behind the entryway imagines that Preeta truly thinks about him and it will hurt her when she understands that it was him, at that point he alongside Sherlin will be tossed out.

Rishab and Sherlin are with the examiner, he inquires as to whether she truly needs to take her grumble back, she says that she got confounded on the grounds that there was obscurity and she confused him with a burglar, Rishab is figuring how might she think like this of Karan, he leaves, she additionally feels that he will consider Karan yet she is just cheerful that she and Prithvi are presently sheltered.

Preeta calls Rishab educating him that she won’t come as Prithvi is harmed, he requests that her not be strained as it was only a little cut, he says that he will go to her to the clinic, Sherlin says that she will likewise accompany him as she needs to be there for Preeta, .

Karina gets a call and breaks the news that Sherlin has taken the protest back, they all acclaim Sherlin saying that how minding she is and how support did she give ot them even before their marriage, Rakhi acclaims that she has no lament that she attempted to wed her children in such a rush yet is concerned by what means will they have the capacity to deal with such arrangements, Kartika says that she doesn’t need to stress, Mahesh adds that they likewise host to toss a single man gathering for him since he is such a blameless individual, the gathering will likewise make a snapshot of satisfaction..

Prithvi is in the stay with Preeta , he does all cap eh can to make her come nearer to him, he goes about as though he is falling Preeta help him, simply then Rishab comes s asking what occurred, she clarifies the occurrence he ask Prithvi to be solid as he trusted him to be a fit individual. Karna offers to support him however h declines Saying that he isn’t experienced and should leave since he isn’t a specialist, Karan and Rishab the two gets frantic at him, he says that he needs to drink, Rishab attempts to insult him for taking water, Both the Luthras are distraught at him for making Preeta do such things. Rishab still; insults Prithvi for his agony, Prithvi sees Sherlin pondering that she is attempting o accomplish something incorrectly and he should stop Sherlin, so he does this and after that Sherlin gets a call and approaches Rishab for his vehicle scratches before she leaves she gives Prithvi a dreadful look and leaves, she is driving and is truly baffled taking out his displeasure on different drivers, she is considering what Prithvi was endeavoring to make Preeta do and in that she is going to get into a mishap yet just before pummeling she stops the vehicle. Sherlin begins to fault Preeta for every one of the things and promises to make Prithvi acknowledge what he has done isn’t right.

The attendant comes in saying that the specialist has supplanted the drug since he was feeling languid from the firs medication, Prithvi seeing Karan and Rishab says that they are both getting desirous seeing Preeta deal with him.

Precap: Preeta asks Karan to leave as she is here to deal with Prithvi, he differs saying that the staff a deal with him, Rishab requests that he stop however he says that he needs her more than Prithvi.