KUNDALI BHAGYA December 24th 2018 Written Update: Episode (Rithwik Gets Into An Accident)

KUNDALI BHAGYA December 24th 2018 Written Update: Episode (Rithwik Gets Into An Accident) - Telly Updates
KUNDALI BHAGYA December 24th 2018 Written Update: Episode (Rithwik Gets Into An Accident)

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_ Kundali Bhagya Episode _ starts With Prithvi is speakme with the hired gun making him recognise that he need to do his process effectively and now not kill the man or woman, he must just get injured, Prithvi ask him what he’s seeing at he says that he is simply looking at Prithvi and his guts, he places on his garments after which thy resume, he again asks for the orders. Prithvi then ells him and just then Rishab comes and ask for directions, he gets actually scared listening to it, the motive force says that Rithwik is coming and he ought to go away.

‘Kundali Bhagya’ 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update:

Karina ask Sherlin why she by no means confirmed any care for Rishab and so as to make him feel higher, she says that she desired her to take care of him but as an alternative she is caring for her, she has lots of hopes from her and she or he ought to never inform every person of her health and ought to come to her room secretly. She wishes her to take duty of the residence but is only a legal responsibility for them.

Sherlin is taking into account Rithwik and Prithvi and leaves, Karan also receives a call, she is going out of doors and calls Prithvi however he does not select it up. She then calls Manisha, Manisha receives afraid to see it, Sherlin is wondering that she will be able to kill Manisha if she does no longer pick out the [hone and is taking into account haw5ts he can do to make her come 0n her side, Manish threatens her to mention some thing as soon as feasible otherwise she will be able to ned the call, Sherlin asks her to inform her the whereabouts of Rithwik, she attempts to make excuses of his whereabouts, Sherlin isn’t satisfied and asks her again, Manisha getting worried cancels the call.

Rithwik is driving is automobile and could be very aggravated by the driver of the truck, he tries to bypass him however nearly misses him and attempts to escape, the driving force again comes behind his automobile, he attempts to escape for the driving force and r3each the café but is not able to.

Preeta calls Karan asking where he’s saying that she and Shrishti are about to attain the café and he should get before Rithwik.

Ritwik tries to escape from the mad truck driver and while he asks what his intentions are, he says that he is going to kill him, Rithwik receives scared after which his car slams now not a tree. Preeta says that she will quit the call but then as she is ready to cancel it she sees Rithwik injured, they both visit his useful resource, Karan additionally comes.

Prithvi could be very concerned and questioning if the driver did his process and killed Rithwik, he picks up the telephone and is thinking why Sherlin is looking him, he makes a decision that he’ll name her first however then calls the motive force, asking if he did his process, he says that he has killed Rithwik however there are a variety of humans near him and he will now not be able to break out.

Karan takes Rithwik out of the automobile ensuring that he does now not get hurt, they are trying to keep him wide awake, he also attempts to inform them something, Karan sees the driving force and goes to seize him, Preeta yells at Karan asking him to come and that they each deduce that he’s dead, Shrishti isn’t capable of trap the driver, she asks a motorcyclist to assist her and leaves with him to trap the motive force, Karna and Preeta attempt to stop him but she doesn’t pay attention and he or she leaves off with him leaving the both of them scared.

Prithvi says that his success is honestly awful, Rithwik were given into the coincidence however the motive force become caught and he does no longer recognize what they of people stroll around right now of night, he attempts to name his mother however calms him down thinking that the driving force will call him as soon as he is stored and there is not anything to fear about.

Tthe motive force is trying to break out however isn’t always capable of get away from Sherlin, he shouts at her announcing that’s he ought to move again,. She asks the motorcyclist to pressure speedy as they have to capture him. He receives greater fast and slams his truck right into a tree.

Precap: Rishab is speakme with Karan and saying that he did not recognize why Rithwik never came, Karan says that he’s going to not anymore. Prithvi is driving whilst he sees Shrishti questing the motive force.

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