KUNDALI BHAGYA December 25th 2018 Written Update: Episode (Rithwik Dies In The Accident)

KUNDALI BHAGYA December 25th 2018 Written Update: Episode (Rithwik Dies In The Accident) - Telly Updates
KUNDALI BHAGYA December 25th 2018 Written Update: Episode (Rithwik Dies In The Accident)

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_ Kundali Bhagya Episode _ starts With Shrishti asks the driver to stop the motorbike, she is going and tries to get the driver to waken he does not wake irrespective of what she does, and the motive force also comes and asks if he is lifeless however Shrishti says that they must take him to the tea stall.

‘Kundali Bhagya’ 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update:

Rishab is inside the café and thinking what came about and why Rithwik isn’t always coming, he receives a name from Karan asking why Ritwik did no longer come and what has befell, Karna sys that he’s going to never come as he’s dead, Rishab asks him to stay and he’s going to come, Preeta wonders if Shrishti become right and the twist of fate turned into because of the mastermind.

Prithvi is thinking that the motive force must stay safe, he gets genuinely irritated and thinks of calling the driver, when it rings Shrishti wonders and is ready to reply the decision but isn’t always capable of and they both try and

get him awake, Prithvi is getting involved about the purpose the driver isn’t answering the decision. He gets wakeful, Shrishti isn’t able to solution the decision.
Preeta is explain to the officer approximately the incident, Karan additionally says that he has seen the face of the motive force, Rishab comes and isn’t always able to manipulate himself, Karan attempts very difficult to calm him down, Rishab says that he can’t apprehend what came about, Karan says that he thinks that I sis a case of plan murder, he calls Rishab apart, Preeta ask Karan what he’s questioning,. He explains that he thinks it’s miles due to the identical mastermind and is a case of deliberate murder.

Shrishti questions the driving force forcing him to inform the fact, he does not speak, she threatens him along with his life but he does no longer talk. Karna and Preeta additionally discuss that it’s far a case of homicide.

Prithvi is riding his car thinking of how horrifying the way is, Shrishti is still thinking the motive force but he sensor say whatever and gets unconscious, she receives a call from Preeta who asks her to come back again, she tells her that Rithwik is dead, Shrishti is not capable of apprehend what they will do, the motive force plans to get away as though he receives stuck then he will spend the relaxation of his lifestyles in prison. Shrishti says to Preeta that she has the driver and collectively with the biker boy will carry him to the police station.

the driving force attempts to escape however they each run after him, Shrishti throws a stone at him which results in him getting caught, they each begin to question him again.

Prithvi comes and is surprised to see that he got stuck, Shrishti gets very angry asking the driving force to say the fact, Prithvi receives pissed off on the grounds that the motive force got caught, he wonders what’s going to happen to him now that the motive force i9s stuck, eh comes to a decision to hide in order that Shrishti doesn’t see him.

The inspector thank you Rishab and Karan for saying the reality, he comes to a decision to head away, Preeta says that Shrishti stuck the driving force and that they both visit the auto but Rishab does no longer move, he says that Rithwik died due to him and become coming to inform the truth to save Karna life, Preeta asks him to now not worry because it isn’t always their fault, they must do all that they are able to to trap the real person at the back of all of this and so should pass towards the police station.

Shrishti says to Prem that he have to maintain keep of the driving force till she arranges a vehicle, Prithvi hides and makes a decision to call Sherlin, she asks what befell, he asks how she attended his call, she asks if he changed into in a position so stop Rithwik, Prithvi explains that he’s in a variety of problem, she says that she isn’t always harming him but is involved and is handiest doing it of love, she says that it’s miles due to her twist of fate.

Prithvi says that he is demise and he hired Billa to kill Rithwik however he got stuck, she feels that it’s far the police however he says that if that became the case then there was no fear however Shrishti became the one to catch him.

Precap: Shrishti sees a car and goes to release it however sees a Peron who is lying within the driver seat.

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