MANMOHINI December 24th 2018 Written Update: Episode (Mohini’s Plan Backsfire On Her)

MANMOHINI December 24th 2018 Written Update: Episode (Mohini’s Plan Backsfire On Her) - Telly Updates
MANMOHINI December 24th 2018 Written Update: Episode (Mohini’s Plan Backsfire On Her)

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_ Manmohini Episode _ starts With Mohini spoils Siya’s uptan/natural paste fuming that she will not let sautan/Siya win over her. Her ghagra paltan team plead her to forestall, however in useless. they say if she forgot that if she problems satuan, even she may be painn. Mohini says she is ready to undergo the ache sautan thinks she won the struggle simply via spending a night with Rana saa/Ram. She suggests her ghunghroo and says wilderness has given her ghungrooo and sangeet to assuage her painn. crew says even they’ll dance along with her. Siya walks into toilet to use uptan on her frame whilst Ram walks in. She scolds why did he come into toilet.

‘Manmohini’ 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update:

He acts as luring her sends her out and locks door from internal pronouncing she desires to look beautiful, let himself use it. Siya knocks door shouting to open door as she has to put together herself for havan by using practice uptan. Ram applies uptan on himself ignoring her plea and begins feeling severe burning and pain. He shouts. Siya receives worried and attempted to interrupt door open. Mohini along with her group receives engrasped in dancing. Siya in the end breaks the door open thru couch and rushes to Ram. Mohini also reaches listening to Siya’s shout and is taken aback to see Ram writhing in ache. She shouts Ranasaa. Siya turns, but does now not find every body. She pours water on Ram’s frame and calms his burning pain a piece and takes him to his room.
Dayimaa walks in listening to Ram’s shout and seeing red rashes on his frame asks what befell to him. He asks what turned into jumbled in uptan. She asks what.. Siya says some thing turned into jumbled together uptan, Ram carried out it and felt extreme burning pain. Ram asks Dayimaa to test with Jalebi what did she mix. Dayimaa thinks chudail is making an attempt to stop havan, it’s far Jalebi.

Mohini punishes herself by means of applying salt on her body and shouting in pain. Her group tries to prevent her from causing self-pain, but Mohini gets adamant that she Rana saa and merits this punishment. She sarts disintegrating. Dayimaa walks in and asks what’s she doing here. Mohini says making ready meals. Dayimaa walks ot her and seeing her regular asks her to go and rest, Madan will put together food. Mohini walks away. Her crew says proper Dayimaa did no longer see her disintegrating. Mohini says antique girl Dayimaa is as much as some thing, she will plan to seize her. Dayimaa looking at salt bowl thinks she will be able to discover who chudail is on this haveli.

Precap: Dayimaa insists Mohini to wait chal bhed yagna with own family and thinks if she is chudail, her fact might be out. Mohini feels uneasy.

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