Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Ira Lies To Mishri Again

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Ira Lies To Mishri Again - Telly Updates
Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Ira Lies To Mishri Again

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Akhilesh, Ira and Mishri cooking together. Flour falls on him. They chuckle. He makes flour fall on Mishri. Ira says i can easy the place. Akhilesh says no need, we can easy it here and make halwa. Mishri sweeps the floor. He cooks halwa. Kunika comes home to satisfy him. She sees the halwa and is set to consume. Mishri stops her and says its bhog, I won’t let you devour it. Kunika increases hand. Akhilesh shouts to prevent her.

He says I heard what he said, he didn’t say whatever incorrect, don’t improve palms on kids. Kunika scolds Mishri. She is going. Mishri cries. She asks am I, in reality, a burden. Akhilesh wipes her tears and hugs. Ira cries seeing them. Bhavik comes. Akhilesh says you don’t cry, you aren’t a burden, you are lovable, all of us love you. Bhavik says Mishri is

Akhilesh’s daughter, inform them of the fact, Mishri will get her dad, she has constantly longed for her dad. Ira asks am I doing incorrectly with the aid of hiding fact from them.

Akhilesh receives aarti plate and asks Mishri to start Aarti. Mishri does the aarti. Bhavik asks what did you pray for. She says I’ve prayed to get a dad and that my Maapu receives a husband. Ira hears this and asks Mishri to return along with her, its a surprise. Mishri asks in which. Ira says we are going to meet your dad. Mishri happily dances. Ira laughs. She asks her to get equipped in Mishri’s clothes. Mishri goes. Ira calls a restaurant to ebook a table for three. She asks the manager to name someone and invite him too. Akhilesh receives the invite. Mishri hears this and smiles. She thinks Ira is making me meet Akhilesh, he is my dad, my dream will get fulfilled nowadays. Ira says I’ve taken this residence on lease for us.

Mishri says we can stay with dad. Ira says you’re very quiet. Akhilesh gets equipped. He says who can invite me on the lodge. Ira and Mishri come to the motel. Mishri asks where his the dad. Ira shows her the manner. Mishri goes and sees Akhilesh. She smiles. She stops and sees Kunika. Akhilesh asks did you name me here. Kunika says yes, I understand you’re angry on me, I m without a doubt sorry. Mishri thinks Akhilesh had come on Kunika’s name, then who is my dad. Ira asks did you meet your dad. She suggests her pal. Mishri receives bowled over. Akhilesh says we shall move, I m no longer hungry. Kunika says we shall move for power. They depart. Ira makes Mishri meet her friend. Mishri doesn’t get happy speak me to him.

He presents her chocolates. He is going to wait for a name. Ira says sorry, we had combat, he didn’t come to fulfil you, now he’s going to frequently come to satisfy you. Mishri says he can’t be my dad. Ira asks why. Mishri asks does any dad shake hands whilst he meets daughter for the first time, he must have hugged me, he isn’t robust like Akhilesh, I experience Akhilesh is my dad. Ira says enough, I made you meet your dad, you have to listen to me, he’s your dad. Mishri says i can concentrate on you. Does Ira ask promise? Mishri promises. Ira asks her to act well. He-man orders meals for them. Mishri remembers Akhilesh. Ira signs and symptoms him to feed Mishri. He feeds Mishri. She eats inexperienced chillies and feels sorry to lie to Mishri. She thinks i will lose you. Mishri thinks I need to neglect Akhilesh is that is my dad.

Precap :- Akhilesh says i have melted seeing Monu, what’s my relationship with him. Mishri cries. Ira says Akhilesh can in no way emerge as your dad, have meals, else don’t eat. She turns and sees Akhilesh.

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