MP actress Nusrat Jahan announces new film

MP actress Nusrat Jahan announces new film - Telly Updates
MP actress Nusrat Jahan announces new film

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TMC MP and actress Nurasat Jahan, known for her outspokenness, has announced her next film in Unlock 2. On the other hand, due to a statement on the TikTok ban in social media, they are being trolling heavily in social media.

Nusrat has shared a picture, in which he has a bound script named SOS Kolkata in his hand, with which he wrote – I am launching another mega project SOS Kolkata. Anshuman is directing Pratyush. Pratyush Productions and Jarek Productions are producing it. Let us tell you that Nusrat is a popular actress of Bengali cinema. There are also MPs from Basirhat Lok Sabha constituency of Kolkata.

Earlier, Nusrat shared the film’s title logo. Wrote with it that SOS is proud to be a part of Kolkata. The shooting of the film will start soon. Nusrat will be starring Yashdas Gupta in the film. Nusrat is often in discussion about his free ideology and beliefs.

Trolling for statement on TikTok

On Wednesday, he also participated in the inverted yatra originating in Kolkata. During this, during the interaction with the media, Nurasat said that TikTok is an entertainment app. This is a decision taken in a charge. What is the plan for it next What will happen to those who become unemployed? People will suffer like demonetisation. I have no problem with Bain, because of what it has gone for national security, but who will answer these questions.

This statement of Nusrat is being pulled in social media. People are saying that they have answered themselves. The government has decided for national security. See some tweets.