Perfect Pati 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Pushkar Finds Out Vidhi’s Truth

Perfect Pati 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Pushkar Finds Out Vidhi’s Truth - Telly Updates
Perfect Pati 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Pushkar Finds Out Vidhi’s Truth

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Pushkar realises Payal is Vidhi only. It method she is alive! I beat her so badly, smashed her face and threw her in water but she is lower back with a brand new face! How did she recognize any folks if she is certainly Vidhi? It approaches she became performing in front people to entice us. He reads some other textual content from Dr Bose which says, that is how you will have looked before you lost your memory. Pushkar says she has misplaced her reminiscence however she ought to nonetheless take into account Jodhpur, my house! It changed into a mistake to depart her alive last time. I won’t repeat it this time. He goes to Vidhi. Vidhi is blindfolded and demands to recognize who it is. in which is Kabeer? She shouts his name. Pushkar wraps a dupatta around his hand and places it around her neck. You were lucky to escape closing time. You shouldn’t have again in Pushkar Rathod’s lifestyles! you are

Returned in front of your dying Vidhi! It turns out to be his creativeness. He looks at Vidhi. I’ve visible a person so tense to die for the first time. He runs away listening to Kabeer’s voice and hides.
Kabeer opens Vidhi’s blindfold and frees her. I am right here. Pushkar wonders how he came here so soon. that is an appropriate time to kill them together. Vidhi is concerned about Kabeer and vice versa. Pushkar realises that it is some 1/3 character who’s blackmailing him. Vidhi does not do not forget whatever and Kabeer additionally does no longer realize something. Do they’ve another best friend? Vidhi hugs Kabeer. you’re badly harm. He assures her that not anything will manifest to him. I got an agreement signed from God. She hugs him once more with the situation. Pushkar looks on. I’m able to must know the story of each person associated with this new Vidhi. i can then plan what I ought to do next. Kabeer falls down as they begin to cross. Pushkar enters and rushes to Kabeer. Vidhi asks him what he is doing right here. He has the same opinion to answer every question. permit’s first take Kabeer to a medical institution.

Inside the medical institution, Vidhi asks Pushkar if Kabeer could be satisfactory. He sees vintage Vidhi in her. He has misplaced of blood but first-rate medical doctors are attending him. She thanks you him for reaching there on time. How did you reach there? He lies that he observed out that that antique guy turned into truly live in that address in concealing. He deliberately allows us to find that deal with. How would I’ve faced mom if whatever had befallen to you? It was my mistake. She tells him in any other case. She says Plij like antique instances. He makes a fist. you haven’t any idea how irksome this Plij is. doc tells them that Kabeer needs relaxation. He might be fine in some time. Pushkar indicates taking him home with them. My family doc will attend to him. document consents. Vidhi is going to satisfy Kabeer. Pushkar makes a decision to discover greater information about them and quit their story for as soon as and all.

Kabeer tells Vidhi no longer to fear. I might be high-quality. Don’t make a sad face or I can be unhappy. She tells him to relaxation nicely. I can strangle you otherwise. Take relaxation. We have been surely fortunate these days. Rajshri enters. Why would God do something incorrect with a pleasant guy like you? the man who did this to you will meet a terrible destiny. he’s scared and wants to prevent you from locating out his reality. Pushkar maintains Kabeer’s prescription on the table. He notices his cellphone there and receives questioning. Pushkar leaves with Rajshri. Kabeer asks for his phone twice however Vidhi does not supply him. Kabeer is slumbering. Vidhi recollects their satisfied beyond moments together. She holds his hand recalling all of the instances he has fought for her. you are right. I am in problem. you have handiest gotten into trouble because you met me. How can buddies be like this? I haven’t given you whatever however hassle. I don’t need to lose you in my combat. She kisses him on his forehead. I can not forestall you like this but what i can do subsequent would possibly make you hate me forever! you’ll in no way forgive me then.

Pushkar wonders the way to discover who all are making plans in opposition to him. what’s their plan? He seems at Vidhi’s portrait. Why does this call carry a storm in my lifestyles each time? He lifts it angrily while Vidhi calls out to him. i am sorry for coming unannounced. Shall I come later? He denies. I concept of my Vidhi after seeing you and Kabeer collectively. Please are available in. Is Kabeer satisfactory? She nods. I came to thank you for saving Kabeer. He tells her it isn’t needed. She asks for his assist. He says I don’t understand details of something took place with you men or who that guy become but you may have to inform me the whole lot approximately you if you want me that will help you. She is hesitant. He tells her it is probably her personal count so she may not be relaxed telling it. I believe you have to manage it yourself. After seeing Kabeer’s condition, I can guess that the humans you’re messing with are risky. I reached there on time nowadays or Kabeer’s existence would be in chance otherwise. What if something happens to him? She concurs to tell him the whole lot.

Kabeer wakes up and appears around for Vidhi however she isn’t always inside the room. He notices Dr Bose’s messages and tests them. that is Payal’s old face? Epi ends on his burdened face.

Precap : Rajshri gives a letter to Kabeer. Kabeer reads Vidhi’s letter wherein she has informed him to go back to Delhi to his Pari. I’m going away from his lifestyles for forever.

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