Perfect Pati 15th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Vidhi Regains Her Memory

Perfect Pati 15th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Vidhi Regains Her Memory - Telly Updates
Perfect Pati 15th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Vidhi Regains Her Memory

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Rajshri enters and rushes to his mom. She shares that Vidhi is alive. He says we observed her dead frame in the jungle. Has police showed that it’s far certainly Vidhi? She nods. Even I had those questions and couldn’t believe it but they cleared away once I spoke to her! i will by no means mistake her voice. Bela’s mom seconds her. I heard her voice too. Our Vidhi is alive! Rajshri wonders where Payal is. Pushkar took her with him. where is she then? She notices him lost in thoughts. Are you now not glad? He lies that he got the most important wonder of his life. I can’t recognize a way to react. i used to be struggling with my life for the reason that 2.5 months. I want to fulfil my Vidhita. Did you meet her? What did she say? Rajshri lies that she changed into in an NGO where she was getting treated. She becomes in the coma. She is a bit sensitive proper NGO people counselled me no longer to invite her too many questions. Vidhi informed me that they need to say something pressing. What could or not it’s? Vidhi enters just then. Rajshri hugs her in relief. A flashback shows Pushkar asking Vidhi to return home. We got a false alert. She agrees. Flashback ends. Rajshri tells Vidhi she is virtually lucky for them. You came right here and our Vidhi is returned! Vidhi calls her aunty and congratulates her. Rajshri warns her not to call her aunt again. Our residence is blooming with happiness again. Vidhi congratulates absolutely everyone. I understand what it feels to lose your family, particularly whilst there’s no desire of their return. Rajshri hugs her again. Rangeela and Bela’s mother appeared on sweetly. Pushkar wonders what the fact about Payal is if real Vidhi is in Delhi.

Pushkar confronts Rangeela. He lies that the idea it to be the blackmailer first but then I heard Vidhi’s voice. i was stunned! Vidhi said she wishes to speak for your mother. Do something or we are able to be sent to jail! We only have 24 hours! I endorse we talk to jailor. Pushkar says i have 24 hours. I won’t permit any folks to get in any trouble. i can dig every root and find out every unmarried component about Vidhi on this time.

Kabeer paces worriedly within the room. He heaves a sigh of remedy seeing Vidhi there. He is ready to hug her however stops himself. She is Vidhi and is married! What am I doing! She says I thought you went to Delhi. He denies. How can i go? She says I got scared. He asks her if she heard the actual information. Does dint aunty inform you? Rajshri says I instructed her that Vidhi is coming home day after today. She sends Vidhi to rest for some time. Kabeer tries to ask her but she advises him to come back to her room once Vidhi falls asleep. i will explain then.

Kabeer enters in Rajshri’s room. Why didn’t you allow me to inform Vidhi? Rajshri says even I need to tell her but it isn’t the right time. Her condition is sensitive. We should remind her of her beyond. Kabeer asks Rajshri how they’ll convey returned Vidhi’s memory. Rajshri comes to a decision to provide all the beyond memories before Vidhi and show off her likes and dislikes to her. She may remember the whole thing then. Kabeer is worried about Pushkar. We must hold him far from Vidhi. Rangeela takes responsibility of him. Rajshri says he has used his brain very well. Now I should additionally prove it that i’m his mom too!

Next morning, Rajshri deliberately walks out of her room leaving at the back of her telephone. He unearths the number from in which she was given a call about Vidhi. It means mom become right. i was mistaking her to be Vidhi for no cause! He saves the range and keeps the smartphone again. I have to forestall Vidhi earlier than she will tell mom whatever. He leaves. Rajshri and Kabeer see him depart. Kabeer says Pushkar believes your story. he’s going to try to discover your Vidhi using this range. Rajshri says we will now attempt to make Vidhi, Vidhi.

Rajshri offers Vidhi the bangles that she had given to her whilst she had come to Rathod residence for the first time. Vidhi seems at it and sees blurred flashes of the equal. She removes him worriedly and walks away. Bela’s mom involves Vidhi retaining a laptop. are you able to train me the way to send a letter from this? Vidhi starts coaching her how an email works. She is not able to press P (it had occurred inside the beyond too). She walks away tensed.

Rangeela sits atop a box. I won’t pass from here until the time she recollects anything. Kabeer pushes him away. Are you mad? She is scared of closed locations? Rangeela reminds him that he had determined her in a coffin handiest. We must do it on occasion. Kabeer opens the field immediately. Vidhi coughs and breathes heavily as she sits up. I experience as I’ve skilled this earlier too. I can’t do not forget any details but i will only keep in mind names. Rajshri asks her about it. Vidhi says Didi Sa and Jiju Sa. Rajshri takes her with her and Kabeer. Rangeela says no one praised me for the best task.

Rajshri tells Ashwin approximately Vidhi. We ought to keep control of ourselves. She does not consider something. Vidhi and Kabeer input just then. Vidhi stops in her tracks seeing them. She reports extra flashes from her past and holds her head. Rajshri tries introducing her to them but Vidhi says I recognize these faces however I simply cannot remember their names. Who am I to you? Please tell me. Vidhi’s sister tells her now not to pressure too much. Meet the brand new member of this circle of relatives first. She continues her baby in Vidhi’s fingers. He became in my stomach when we met last time. Vidhi continues experiencing more flashes and finally regains her memory. I consider everything! i’m Vidhita! you’re my Jiji. Her sister nods. Vidhi appears on the infant and at Ashwin.

Precap :- Rajshri tells Vidhi that they have got to take revenge from my son for Vidhi’s every tear. law won’t be capable of punishing him for his misdeeds. these days, a mother will punish her very own son!

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