Perfect Pati 18th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Pushkar Falls In Rajshri’s Another Trap

Perfect Pati 18th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Pushkar Falls In Rajshri’s Another Trap - Telly Updates
Perfect Pati 18th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Pushkar Falls In Rajshri’s Another Trap

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Vidhi kisses her nephew emotionally. i am his Massi, Jiji. She hugs her sister. Ashwin is also teary-eyed as he hugs Vidhi. Kabeer and Rajshri smile. Vidhi calls Rajshri Ma and hugs her tight. Rajshri says i used to be yearning to hear this in view that ultimate 2.five months. you’ve got revived this mother today by way of calling me Ma. She hugs Vidhi again. name me Ma once more. Vidhi happily calls her Ma. Rajshri asks her if she remembers something. Vidhi nods. It becomes Pushkar who had killed me! He had locked me in that room. He stored me without food or water and beat me badly. He damaged my face and put me in a coffin! It becomes nobody else but Pushkar ji had thrown me in the river! Rajshri calms her. I had a doubt the instant I saw that letter! I by no means thought it’ll be my own son who will become an animal! Kabeer shows going to police and getting Pushkar punished however Rajshri tells him against it. We won’t go to the police this time. Kabeer mistakes that she was given emotional. I forgot that you are Pushkar Rathod’s mom! Ashwin additionally questions Rajshri. Pushkar tried killing Vidhi. She is, fortunately, alive however you want us no longer to method police? I sense like killing him proper away! Rajshri denies. Pushkar will be punished. I ought to are looking for revenge for every tear that my daughter has shed. Kabeer is stressed. Rajshri explains that law won’t be able to punish him for his misdeeds. these days, a mom will set an instance by means of punishing her very own son!

Rajshri, Vidhi and Kabeer are on their manner whilst Vidhi shouts abruptly. Vidhi is afraid to stand Pushkar. something he has done inside the past shakes me badly. I won’t move before him. Kabeer seconds her. you know to what volume Pushkar can visit kill her. Will or not it’s right for her to go in front of Pushkar? Rajshri says I recognize your worry however we need to take her in front of Pushkar for the very identical purpose. Pushkar would have tried every feasible manner to find this new Vidhi whom we had created. via now, his thoughts would have compelled him to remember the fact that this new Vidhi’s tale is only a story!

Pushkar is miffed as he’s unable to get keep of any data concerning this new Vidhi. is this some entice laid by means of Payal and Kabeer just to divert me? Kabeer can truly do that! He wishes me to shift my attention from Payal and attempt to locate the Vidhi that doesn’t exist. I wasn’t wrong! Payal is Vidhi! This game will cost you deeply Kabeer. Your plan has absolutely given some greater breaths to Vidhi however i will give her a painful loss of life definitely!

Rajshri is sure with the aid of now Pushkar would have understood that Payal is Vidhi. The chance which we had pushed away is again now. Kabeer says we have to shield her properly this time. there’s no scope of any mistake.

Rangeela is getting the house decorated. Pushkar asks him about it. Rangeela says I’m getting ready for the closing birthday celebration. Rajshri Madam advised me to decorate the whole thing. we are able to have an actual noose around our necks very quickly. Pushkar is sure it won’t take place. How can Vidhi come when Payal is there? where is a mother? Rangeela asks him to appear behind. Rajshri and Vidhi enter simply then. Vidhi is tensed. Rajshri holds her hand for a second before Pushkar joins them. before Pushkar can ask her something, Rajshri says I went to a temple to thank God for returning our happiness to us. i am sad as well as my different daughter is leaving. Payal and Vidhi won’t be able to meet. Pushkar asks her why Payal is leaving abruptly. Rajshri stocks that Kabeer has discovered out Payal’s own family. He has called her again these days itself. Pushkar is in no mood to let Payal depart without finding out Vidhi’s reality. He shows Vidhi (Payal) to fulfil his spouse. I’m able to drop you myself then. it’s far my duty. Vidhi in a well-mannered way refuses. i have located my circle of relatives after so much trouble. I need to be with them. you recognize that some human beings are after my existence. it’ll be better for me to leave. Rajshri tells Pushkar that they have got been blessed with happiness after see you later. i can apprehend her desire. I need her to be glad anyplace she is. She takes Vidhi along with her. Pushkar thinks Kabeer made a fantastic plan however it won’t stand before mine.

Vidhi takes leave from Rajshri. Rajshri hugs her and tells her to attend to herself. Take the bodyguard with you if you want to get down in among. Rangeela opens the door for her. Vidhi waves at Rajshri as she leaves in the taxi. Pushkar looks on from some distance. We ought to meet earlier than you attain Delhi! it will be the remaining meeting! He follows her vehicle.

Vidhi’s car breaks down just whilst they may be crossing a bridge. motive force leaves to look for a mechanic. Vidhi requests the protect to bring water for her. he’s hesitant to depart her on my own but she insists. Pushkar comes there within the disguise of the same vintage guy as he had dressed in Delhi. You had been looking for me right? Vidhi nods. I noticed your photo. Did you go to the sanatorium to find me right? Why are you looking for me? He asks her if she does now don’t forget her beyond. She shakes her head. Pushkar drops the stick. I want you did don’t forget something from your beyond. Our assembly could be so distinctive and thrilling then. maybe my different appearance will bring returned a few reminiscences. He removes his fake moustache and beard and eliminates the turban. She acts surprised to look Pushkar. He asks her if she recalls her perfect Pati, Pushkar Rathod.

Precap : Pushkar seems down the bridge. Vidhi is lying wounded and subconscious there. You didn’t allow me to kill you but I’m so satisfied which you are lifeless Vidhita! finally, Pushkar Rathod is unfastened!

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