Perfect Pati 20th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Perfect Pati 20th February 2019 Written Episode Update - Telly Updates
Perfect Pati 20th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Perfect Pati 20th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Bela’s mom apologizes to Vidhi. I did very wrong to you. Vidhi recalls begging Bela’s mom for assist in the past however she had pushed her away. Bela’s mother says you continually referred to as me Ma while i used to be usually best jealous of you. I notion you have been snatching my daughter’s happiness and i usually remained jealous of you. I supported that animal! Please forgive me. I dint recognise he’ll kill you! I dint say something even if he saved hitting you proper in the front of my eyes. I thought he’ll spare your lifestyles. It was a small component. Vidhi says we overlook such things questioning it to be a small factor. A son tortures his spouse and his mother shall we him do it wondering it’s far a small issue. Husband is called God but he hits his wife. We suppose it to be a small factor. it’s miles a wound which never heals. You have become

part of his misdeeds by means of helping him. You wanted Bela to marry Pushkar proper? might you have got nevertheless saved quiet had he hurt Bela? We don’t see who is torturing whom! We want to continually enhance our voice against it! An Indian spouse treats her husband like her God overlooking all his follies. Why to blame you while i’m a larger sinner than you? I bore them silently thereby giving him power to hurt me more. It wouldn’t have occurred if I had raised my voice. women are losing the whole thing by way of permitting men to hurt them. i was as tons as fault as you had been. Bela’s mom requests her to forgive her. You proved nowadays that we’re more by our mind. i’ve made a mistake however i’m taking this chance to do penitence. Please give me this threat. Rajshri says i’m able to come up with that chance. i’m able to tell you what you need to do. She offers her a bottle of sleeping drugs. you need to use them very soon. Bela’s mom appears on the bottle in confusion.
Pushkar involves his room. What’s taking place to me? i get hurt by shards and then a chandelier. is that this a coincidence or is a person answerable for it? Who may want to or not it’s? I can not see each person! He thinks of Vidhi. She is dead! It can’t be her! Ghosts don’t exist. He sits at the mattress however jumps in pain / shock. Nails are saved on his facet of the mattress. He recalls keeping them on Rangeela’s bed in the beyond.

Pushkar pulls Rangeela by his collar. you are attempting to cheat the only who’s letting you live right here? I forgot all about you. Rangeela acts innocent. i am your Hanuman. Pushkar says how you could be Hanuman after I couldn’t be Ram. you’ve got backstabbed me nowadays. I noticed the nails and will apprehend it’s far your doing. Rangeela insists he dint do whatever but Pushkar drags him upstairs with him. Pushkar tells him to look at the mattress however there is nothing. Rangeela asks Pushkar if he is satisfactory. you have been performing atypical on the grounds that the day before today. Pushkar sends him outdoor. What’s happening to me! I see some thing for a second however it disappears the very subsequent second! i can dream at night however how am i able to day dream? It cannot be incorrect! some thing is certainly taking place here. It couldn’t be Rangeela as I brought him right here with me. I think I need to rest. He beverages water and lies down. I should pass on a long vacation and then resume office. Kabeer is likewise not right here. the whole lot will be settled!

Pushkar wakes up and unearths himself ties in a carpet. He struggles to be freed and calls out for assist. A shadow appears. He demands to recognize who it’s far. Please get me out. Vidhi steps ahead. Are you feeling suffocated Pushkar? this is the way you had wrapped me inside the past. He begs to be freed. She says you’re too smart. assume what you will do now. You dint fulfil any of your guarantees. You broke all of the 7 promises! You killed me mercilessly. nowadays, i can do the identical to you! He shouts for his mother as Vidhi lifts a flower pot excessive in the air. He begs her to spare his life for God’s sake. She tells him God doesn’t have a lot time. He punishes humans proper right here for their misdeeds. it’s far your flip now. He turns and manages to escape getting hit. by using then, Vidhi has disappeared. he is badly shaken. Can or not it’s Payal’s ghost? Rajshri and Rangeela come jogging there. What took place? He is looking on the carpet. Rajshri asks him what occurred. Pushkar lies that he saw a awful dream. She shows him to relaxation. She begins to head but stops. I never noticed this carpet in this room. anyhow, take rest. Rangeela asks Pushkar why he was shouting. what’s with this carpet? Pushkar asks him if he believes in ghosts. Rangeela says knowledgeable human beings don’t believe it however i have heard many stories in my village. Why do you ask? Pushkar admits that he noticed Payal’s ghost. Rangeela asks him how it could be while Payal is alive. you will have visible Vidhi rather. Pushkar tells him to do away with the carpet. Rangeela starts chanting mantras as he starts offevolved folding the carpet.

Rangeela tells all people that their plan goes at the proper course. Pushkar is freaked out right now. Kabeer says it feels fine to peer him scared. He has been scaring everyone all along. i ponder how this sport will quit. Rajshri says he’s going to need to be given his crimes so Vidhi receives justice. Scare him so much that he finally ends up confessing the whole lot on his personal. Vidhi tells her she is the primary DIL who is doing this. Rajshri says every mom would do the same after understanding the pain her daughter went thru. Vidhi reasons that she is Pushkar’s mom too however Rajshri refuses. I never notion he could be so ruthless to a girl and kill her! He does not deserve any mercy after anything he has done to you, Rangeela, Badri and many other humans. the man who can not respect female can in no way be each person’s perfect son, brother or husband. it’s miles a completely massive day for us the next day. It need to be so grand that Pushkar is not able to conceal everywhere. He has to confess his crimes the following day!

next morning, Kabeer mixes ice in water. Pushkar is bathing. The water turns ice bloodless startling Pushkar. He slips at the floor and struggles to replace off the tap. How did it turn so cold unexpectedly? He recollects throwing ice bloodless water on Vidhi as soon as. Vidhi puts a fuel within the pipe. He is set to get out of the bathroom when he notices smoke. he is again contemplating how he had tried to suffocate Payal / Vidhi recently. He tries to open the door but in vain. Rangeela is preserving it from out of doors. Vidhi hears his pleas and recalls how she had additionally been shouting for help. Pushkar breathes heavily.

Precap : Pushkar is positive that Vidhi’s ghost is seeking revenge from him. Kabeer says we must take our next step now. Rajshri comments that the next step needs to be very vital. With this, we must make him accept his crimes. Pushkar has caught preserve of Vidhi and has covered her mouth in order to forestall her from shouting. We wont cross from here but from backdoor from wherein you began your ghost game!

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