PERFECT PATI 25th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabeer And Payal Confess Their Love To Each Other

PERFECT PATI 25th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabeer And Payal Confess Their Love To Each Other - Telly Updates
PERFECT PATI 25th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabeer And Payal Confess Their Love To Each Other

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Pari shrugs Kabeer’s hand away. What have you ever idea about me? He insists he changed into coming directly to her to Delhi. She reminds him she isn’t a child. is that this how a wedding is? Payal turned into searching out her past or for you? Nature has played a joke together with her however you’ve got intentionally performed a funny story with me! He admits he dint desire to marry in the first area. absolutely everyone became after my life. I had no opportunity but you! He holds her hand. i’m being sincere for the primary time. you have been my excellent friend usually. I in no way felt that manner about you. I don’t trust the word love in any respect.

Inspector locks Pushkar in a mobile. you have got performed enough hide-and-are seeking for with law. His circle of relatives has instructed me that he’s too clever. He advises constables to no longer fall in Pushkar’s words. Pushkar is miffed with Payal for

placing him at the back of bars. She were given all people on her aspect!
Pari asks Kabeer if he method what he just said. i can see it for your eyes. received’t you be given it before your friend? Rajshri stops and overhears their convo. Kabeer accepts he has fallen for Payal.

Pushkar decides to get out of prison asap. I wont be able to get away later. Constables taunt him. He tells them to mock him as tons as they need to however you all have been fooled. law gives one threat to everyone. let me make one call. i will get you proof. they may be reluctant however Pushkar requests for a call. Constable permits him. Pushkar thinks he will make association for Payal’s demise. Constable arms him a cell phone. Pushkar thinks Payal could be dead via nighttime. Constables call Pushkar a child. We see such a lot of like you! Pushkar throws the cellphone angrily.

Pari asks Kabeer if he has instructed Payal or if he is fooling her too. Kabeer says I don’t wish to position her in any predicament. Payal is already married. Pari is amazed. Rajshri receives tensed.

Vidhi comes to talk to Rajshri. Rajshri tells her that she isn’t sure Meera and Max will love after anything took place inside the residence. Vidhi reasons that two lovers shouldn’t sacrifice their love for what Pushkar did. Rajshri asks her why she is sacrificing her love then. I recognise which you and Kabeer are incomplete with out each other. Vidhi is going quiet. Rajshri says i might suppose you handiest pretend to name me your mother if you’ll mislead me. Vidhi says Kabeer is a completely first-class guy but i am (married). She looks at her wedding ceremony image. i have separated from Pushkar however not from my beyond. I don’t want to burden Kabeer with me. He too has a life. He has Pari. allow’s end this topic right here. allow him stay his lifestyles fortunately. He has made many sacrifices for me. Please let him move. She walks away earlier than Rajshri can do some thing.

Pushkar is hell bent once you have out of his mobile. He calls a constable closer and lures him for hefty sum. Constable is going and is derived back with a plate full of green chillies. You might be very rich however you can not buy every single person! We ordered this meals particularly for you. pronouncing so, he walks away. Pushkar recollects giving it to Vidhi within the beyond. He chews onto one chilli and throws the plate angrily.

Pari shows gambling a game. we’ve to say a word and the individual sitting opposite to us should revert with the first word that comes to their thoughts. Rangeela is reluctant however Pari pacifies him. Pari starts with the phrase worry and he replies with Bela’s mother. The real recreation begins. Kabeer and Vidhi get lost for a moment. Rajshri says the phrase love. Kabeer stops while announcing Pa and completes it as Pani (water). Vidhi completes it as Pari. She excuses herself to see if meals is prepared. Pari takes Kabeer along with her.

Pari scolds Kabeer for losing the golden chance. It was the suitable time to admit your love. He reminds her that Vidhi is married. What might she and her circle of relatives have notion if I had stated it out loud? Rajshri says her family would have thought precisely what you’re wondering. Kabeer and Pari are amazed to peer her there. Rajshri says you promised to return Vidhi her happiness. I selected Vidhi for Pushkar. I made her my daughter and promised her she may be happy. Marriage joins two hearts. you have joined Vidhi with Pushkar and Payal has connected you with Pari. if you in reality desire to look Vidhi show up then admit your love to her. i am providing you with this right as her mother. She arms him a rose.

Vidhi tells herself to keep her emotions at bay. Kabeer has accomplished loads for you. He might be happy with Pari best. Kabeer asks her if she will in no way change. She is surprised to look him there. He asks her if she thinks herself to be the neatest female in the global who knows the whole thing. She shows him to be with Pari. He makes her sit down and proposes her with a rose. She asks him what it’s miles. He replies that it’s miles his love. I realize you’re a dumb, duffer girl! Pari understood, Aunty understood but you are a duffer to no longer understand how tons i love you! She stands up. i am already married. He says i’m engaged. i’m anyways no longer asking Vidhi but Payal (holding out her anklet). Do you like me? She appears at the anklet emotionally as he waits for his answer. She remains silent. He tells her he were given her answer. He maintains the anklet in her palm and starts offevolved to go whilst Payal calls out to him. what is going to this useless anklet tell you? You must have asked me. He asks her what she means. She calls him a fool. You don’t recognize it without delay. i love you too. She accepts his rose. Romantic song performs. He holds her hand. They percentage a hug.

Precap: Pushkar feigns to cough badly. He vomits blood. Constable steps in out of difficulty, however, Pushkar suffocates him to loss of life.