Perfect Pati 27th February 2019 Written Episode Update: A Happy Ending

Perfect Pati 27th February 2019 Written Episode Update: A Happy Ending - Telly Updates
Perfect Pati 27th February 2019 Written Episode Update: A Happy Ending

Perfect Pati 27th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Payal is getting ready. She smiles recalling the ultimate time while she changed into getting prepared for her wedding with Pushkar. She thinks of her face exchange. the entirety is occurring at this kind of rapid tempo. I sense as if I’ve gotten my existence back. She prays to Kanha Ji to maintain Pushkar at bay from her happiness.

Pushkar enters the residence inside the hide of a servant. I am here Vidhita!

Kabeer comes to satisfy Payal. I used to be wondering to make out for the antique dues before we start a brand new relationship. You promised to pay me for all of the costs that I have spent on you to your remedy. I don’t need cash although. He leans closer for a kiss however she pushes him away. He tells her he’s hers now. in case you don’t like anything that I do or say, really walk up to me and tell me. i will change myself. She hugs him.

you’ve got proved your self to me long in the past. you have got every first-class that I constantly desired in my husband. the biggest component is that you are my satisfactory pal. He smiles.

Inspector asks constables about Constable Singh. One guy says he might have gotten overdue. They see Pushkar nevertheless drowsing. He does not react after they call out to him. Inspector asks the constable to open the mobile.

Meera and Max alternate jewellery.

Constables are greatly surprised to look Constable Singh mendacity useless in Pushkar’s mobile. They do away with their caps.

Kabeer and Payal also change jewellery. Rajshri gets a call from Inspector just then who informs her that Pushkar has escaped from the prison. lighting fixtures burst off simply then. by the time lights come on, Payal is missing. Rajshri tells Kabeer it is Pushkar’s doing. She tells him the whole lot. They pay attention to Payal’s scream and flip. Pushkar factors gun at Payal’s head. Kabeer takes a step in his path however Pushkar warns him in opposition to it. Payal hits Pushkar but he finally ends up hitting her on her head. Kabeer attempts once more and is shot on his hand. all and sundry get concerned for him but he tells them he’s excellent. Payal and Pushkar have disappeared by then. Inspector enters simply then and informs them that Pushkar has to be interior only. we’re coming from outside and he wasn’t there. They start searching inside the house.

Pushkar takes Payal in a room.

Kabeer asks Rajshri wherein Pushkar will be if he isn’t outside or in the residence.

Pushkar drops the gun seeing Payal subconscious and shifts a few furnishings closer to the door to hold each person outside. Payal opens her eyes and notices the gun mendacity at the ground.

Rajshri comes to her room and takes her gun.

Pushkar turns just whilst Payal become about to pick the gun. The war for the gun. She tells him she won’t win this time however he tells her he has an awful habit of prevailing. A bullet is fired on the roof.

Rajshri walks out of her room with the gun.

Pushkar manages to win from Payal and ambitions the gun at her. He tries shooting her however there aren’t any bullets. She runs in another path.

Rajshri heads upstairs. She stops at a window however cannot open it. She choices a display piece saved nearby.

Pushkar tells Payal now not to escape from demise anymore. I can kill you all the greater mercilessly if you may attempt to run more difficult. She replies that she isn’t that scared Vidhita anymore who will get afraid of him. i am a changed woman, I’m Payal now! He wrestles with her as she holds a large stick and tries attacking him. He pushes her away. changing your face won’t trade something. you are destined to die through my fingers best!

Pushkar is ready to hit Payal when Rajshri warns him to prevent. He turns and reveals his mother pointing a gun at him. Pushkar asks his mother if she can shoot her own son. She replies that he has killed many innocent humans just due to the fact she turned into blinded by way of her motherly love. My fingers won’t shake today if I should shoot you! She asks Payal to come closer to her but Pushkar maintains the stick pointed at her. He tells his mom these words don’t in shape her. I understand my mom can in no way shoot me. She refuses to acknowledge him as her son. you’re a satan proper now. He says I only notion of your happiness my entire lifestyles. How can i be a devil then? I become a satan for you only. Dad left you, left us. What become my or Meera’s fault? I had determined then itself that I won’t permit this spread in my circle of relatives. I decided I can make my own family an ideal family and won’t let all and sundry trespass my rules. Vidhi broke my rules and my family.

Rangeela and others try to open the door.

Pushkar says this girl didn’t give me my best own family. Rajshri negates him. It became k to leave her in case you couldn’t gel together with her. there was no factor killing her. it’s far I who is an offender here who couldn’t understand her son is a devil!

Rangeela and Kabeer attempt breaking the door.

Pushkar asks his mom if she is leaving him for Payal these days. She says that is what society has been doing till date but today a mom is supporting a woman. it’s far vital that devils such as you die so the ladies can live peacefully. Pushkar continues to be positive his mom won’t shoot him ever. Vidhi is my prey. Even you won’t be able to store her from me these days! Rajshri recalls all the moments spent with him and receives emotional. Pushkar lifts the stick with harm Payal when Rajshri shoots him. Pushkar falls down. Rajshri drops the gun and shouts Pushkar’s name. She maintains his head in her lap. anybody manages to come upstairs via now. Rajshri is in tears. Pushkar tells his mother he cherished her the most. Please don’t hate me. I couldn’t turn out to be your exact son but I love you. He breathes his last. Rajshri cries her coronary heart out.

A month later:
A diya is lit earlier than Pushkar’s image.

Kabeer and Payal change rings in the presence of absolutely everyone. They are seeking for Rajshri’s benefits. Rajshri hugs them.