Perfect Pati 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Perfect Pati 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update - Telly Updates
Perfect Pati 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Perfect Pati 8th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

The Episode starts offevolved with Pushkar announcing Kabeer you’re very smart, you ought to have not slapped me, you probably did wrong. He throws the matters angrily. He says allow the blackmailer’s message come, then i’m able to show you what I m. Vidhi wakes up. Kabeer apologizes. He tells her the whole thing approximately Pushkar. Vidhi says I feel that individual is involved, you went to combat him on my own, you don’t worry for yourself. He says I got a way to reach your beyond and now i’ve lost that manner. Pushkar works out. He tests a few sim. Kabeer asks how did Pushkar get this guy’s address. Vidhi says he didn’t get that man’s name. Kabeer says we’ve got to speak to Pushkar. Pushkar sees Vidhi’s percent and calls Kabeer. He says you watched simply you could attain me. Kabeer asks who’re you.

Pushkar says we could come to the factor, supply me that lady and inform me your charge. Vidhi issues. Kabeer says we are able to comply with him so that we are able to attain him. He says you may get the girl and take cash, you wasted much money. Pushkar says first-rate, get her at the same place, you may get money, don’t attempt to play sport with me, i have my eyes on you, I know you’re at Rajshri’s house, your mistake can be dangerous for you and also you spouse Payal. He ends name and says now my recreation begins. Vidhi says he is aware of everything approximately us. Kabeer says he thinks I need cash, he stated our mistake might be proved highly-priced, we should take a chance. Vidhi says you need to promise me, you won’t go away me on my own. Kabeer says great, however matters can be planned in line with me, he desires to damage you, I don’t want this to happen. He calls someone.

Kabeer and Vidhi come to the equal vicinity. She worries. He says i can deal with any hassle, permit that fraud guy come. a few guys come there. She says he has sent his goons, we were given trapped. Kabeer shakes fingers with bouncers. He says I knew that man is smart, I employed them for our protection. He recollects taking assist from Rangeela. He asks his men to seize the fraudster. The men hides. Dr. Bose calls Vidhi and says i’ve got a manner to discover your antique face. Kabeer says disconnect the call, that man is here. Vidhi says i will name you later. Police comes there and catches Kabeer and Vidhi. Inspector scolds Kabeer and slaps him. He shows the evidence.

Kabeer says its wrong, we aren’t blackmailer, we have come to trap that assassin. Vidhi says yes, we are harmless. Constable asks did you lose your thoughts, you each are together. She says a person tried to kill me, I m here to locate my perpetrator. Inspector says I understand this already, i have come to take this female. Constables beat Kabeer. Vidhi asks them to go away Kabeer. Police takes Vidhi. Kabeer fights with the constables. Inspector says it become exceptional concept to move there dressed as police. He suggests Vidhi tied up. Pushkar thinks I might be meeting Vidhi now. Vidhi shouts to Kabeer for help. He scolds the person and says you purchased the incorrect woman. the person says she advised me that someone attempted to kill me. Pushkar says they fooled you. the person says no, she instructed the fact to me, she didn’t recognize that I m fake inspector.

Pushkar receives Vidhi’s phone. He receives Dr. Bose’s call and answers. Dr. Bose says perhaps you had been busy, we will make your antique face by a brand new software program, I m sending you the percent, inform me in case you recollect some thing seeing it. She sends Vidhi’s %. Pushkar gets greatly surprised. He says it way Payal is Vidhita.

Perfect Pati 8th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Vidhi says she lost her reminiscence and remembered me and my residence, she came to lure me. He attempts to kill her.

Perfect Pati 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Perfect Pati Main Cast is as under

Sayali Sanjeev

Samarth Shandilya

Jaya Prada

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