Shakti 22nd March 2019 Written Episode Update: Suomya Loses Soham’s Custody’s Case

Shakti 22nd March 2019 Written Episode Update: Suomya Loses Soham’s Custody’s Case - Telly Updates
Shakti 22nd March 2019 Written Episode Update: Suomya Loses Soham’s Custody’s Case

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The court announce the very last choice in favor of Varun. The judge says Suomya couldn’t hire a attorney and at ease no witness; for the reason that her family doesn’t stand along with her she can’t carry up any minor. The court docket arms the custody of baby to Varun, the biological father of the kid. Suomya takes Soham from Preeta and hurries out of the court. She broadcasts she doesn’t be given the court’s selection because court doesn’t keep in mind kinner’s human and a part of society. The police stops her right in court docket room and snatches Soham from Suomya. The decide says Suomya holds the proper to enchantment in better courts. She vows to head there. The court docket adds that Varun can’t depart Gurdaspur and Soham ought to be added up by him simplest. The court docket is adjourned. Harman attempts to calm Suomya down who changed into constantly shouting. Suomya

faints for a while, then wakes up once more and tells Harman they will attraction. Preeto was decided to fight a case till their remaining breathe, Varun can’t as well depart the Gurdaspur. out of doors the court, a crowd chanted slogans in opposition to kinners. The media questions if this selection is rightful.
There, Varun along with his family celebrates as festivities. Shanno and others have been thrilled to have blackened Harak Singh’s face.
Suomya convinces Harman to document a case in better court. Harman says they will really enchantment in excessive court but only once they get an amazing legal professional. Suomya wonders wherein such attorneys are discovered. Harman says there ought to be an angel who might not handiest fight but win their case.
outside the residence, Preeto hears a crowd with wooden rods and sticks, prepared to burn the kinners. Suomya turned into determined and opens the door to look what they may be capable of. They had been taken aback to look the crowd tying Malika with a wooden pole while she resisted. the crowd had vowed to burn this kinner alive, Malika raised voice against a person of the society. The Sarpanj of the village now held the burning lantern. Suomya and own family had run outdoor. Harman stops Sarpanj, maintaining his hand returned. Others were held back by way of the gang. Harman shouts at them for being inhumane. Harak Singh tells the Sarpanj to fear God, he has daughters and can be cursed. The Sarpanj and group weren’t equipped to be lenient to any of them. The police arrives to disperse the gang, in opposition to the desire of villagers. Suomya hurries to set Malika loose and hugs her. Harman takes the burning lantern and pronounces its Holi tomorrow, it will be set this night. He units the wooden log bunch to fire, then takes Suomya’s hand and tires a purple material piece to her pallu. Preeto takes a plate and spoon appreciating Harman’s love. Harman says he guarantees increased love to her. He doesn’t care something global calls her, she will always continue to be a Goddess to him. Suomya breaks into tears. Harman keeps taking the seven vows, and inside the eight vow he guarantees to get her same right on this global and society. They investigate each different’s eyes after the eight circle. He stops an assault over himself from the group, and promises to defend Suomya for all time.
PRECAP: Harman and Suomya have been lead to a lawyer to combat their case by using the journalist.