Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 12th August 2019 Written Episode Update

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 12th August 2019 Written Episode Update - Telly Updates
Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 12th August 2019 Written Episode Update

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Soumya sits for her haldi rasam and is miserable. Vedant takes a gander at her. Rekha applies haldi to Vedant and afterward Soumya. The tune keeps on playing. The visitor women apply haldi to them. Rekha discovers Soumya tragic and inquires as to whether she is troubled. Soumya says no. Rekha requests that her be cheerful at that point and says you both will get tied in a relationship. They all move, yet Soumya is as yet miserable. Harman awakens in his room and feels cerebral pain. He supposes to drink some wine and guaranteed Soumya. He supposes not to drink wine and says I have sworn on Soumya. Shanno comes there and says you woke up, it is great. He says you inquired

Soumya not to come here, presently this house regard and your home will be set. She requests that he drink wine and says she brought it. She requests that he drink and says you will leave it soon. Harman says you are so great and takes great consideration of me. He says everybody will know this, lets advise this to them. Shanno asks him not to advise anybody and asks him to simply drink. Harman says your reasoning is so great and says lets reveal to them how you deal with me. He goes out. Shanno attempts to stop him. Harman goes first floor and calls everybody. He tells that Shanno gave him wine for his cerebral pain and says Soumya couldn’t care less about me and need me to leave drinking. Preeto calls her snake in sleeve and says you need to slaughter my child. Harman says everybody ponders Soumya and haven’t seen the relative who is going for my life.

Vedant stops Soumya and asks where is she going? Soumya says she is susceptible to haldi and is going to clean her face. Vedant looks on bombshell. Hamran awakens and envisions Soumya wherever in his room, next to him on the bed, close to the dressing table and so on. He gets up and thinks in the event that you show up infront of day and night, at that point how might I avoid you. He envisions Soumya requesting that he move.

Mahi comes there. Harman requests that he sit and converse with him, as he is seeing Soumya all over the place. He requests that her redirect his consideration. She says she made his most loved badam ka halwa. Harman asks how could you make it? Mahi says how she made it. Soumya calls Preeto and inquires as to whether Harman ji began drinking once more. Preeto says no, he has guaranteed you. Soumya says alright and closes the call. She supposes he didn’t break his guarantee, yet what will I do? She supposes I can’t wed anybody with the exception of Harman, can’t tell anybody and can’t flee from here, as Harman will come behind me and will discover me any place I go. She supposes what to do and thinks on the off chance that I give my life, at that point every one of my issues will end.

She cleans up and comes wearing saree of Harman’s decision. She breaks the phony mangalsutra of Vedant’s name and wears studs, bindi. She says I may have somebody’s haldi connected, however I will be yours consistently and will bite the dust as your suhagan. She applies sindoor in her maang and reviews her marriage with Harman. She leaves her room and goes from behind the lobby. Vedant sees her going to porch. Soumya goes to patio and looks down. She says I guaranteed you that I will be with you generally, however the conditions drives me away from the life and go for eternity. She is sorry to Harman and is going to tumble down, however Vedant comes and holds her hand preventing her from tumbling down. Soumya inquires as to for what reason did you stop me? Vedant says you won’t kick the bucket until we wed? He says I don’t need you to make Harman and your romantic tale undying. I need you to kick the bucket as my suhagan. Soumya asks until when you will stop me and says I won’t wed you. Vedant says you need to wed, my fixation is more than your difficult.

Precap: Mr. Bansal tells decorators that marriage won’t occur now. Vedant points weapon at him and says he will wed her. He takes her in vehicle. Mr. Bansal calls Harman and tells that Vedant is wedding Soumya coercively.