Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 4th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Happy Catches Meenu’s Act

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 4th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Happy Catches Meenu’s Act – Telly Updates

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 4th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Kabir lying to the police. Inspector asks is there any witness. Happy takes Honey to medical institution. She thinks if Rocky sees me, i’m able to get trapped, but i can’t go away Honey like this. She asks Meenu now not to fear, Honey gets excellent. Meenu issues that bomb may also explode whenever. a man comes to help Kabir. He says Kabir is right, he changed into with me in kitchen when this homicide passed off. He smiles. Kabir starts crying and makes tales.

Doctor checks Honey and says his pulse is strolling gradual, he may additionally slip in coma if he doesn’t get conscious, he may die as well, we can carry out a MRI take a look at. Happy issues. Meenu says I m jogging faraway from medical institution. Kabir says no, he won’t explode, what’s medical doctor doing. She says medical doctor took Honey for MRI. He says we can get stuck and our sport will be over, live there, i will get medicine to calm his frame. Inspector says we observed drugs with Ruhi. Kabir hides. Inspector asks Rocky to be careful. Kabir is going out from window. Inspector says i have to test the resort.

The man stops Kabir and says I recognize you didn’t do the homicide, none was supporting you so I gave statement, wondering you will help me too. Kabir thinks he might also help me. He says satisfactory, our friendship is sure now. He pays cash to the person and goes. Inspector says murder came about in the resort, we have to research. He gets Harleen’s call and says I told you not to disturb me. He gets stunned and runs. Nurse stops Harleen from going to MRI room. Meenu takes a nurse’s conceal. Rocky stops Kabir and asks him to drop him to the medical institution. They depart. Happy stops Meenu and goes to peer. She stops seeing Harleen shouting at the nurse. Harleen says I ought to go in whenever, Rocky can come here any time, I ought to be with Honey. Happy thinks Harleen acts rude however she is so involved for Honey now. She asks Harleen not to fear, docs will make Honey high-quality.

Meenu says Honey’s chip can be detected if he goes interior MRI machine. Harleen says you will be questioning that I m a horrific mum, I must be strict, Rocky will blame me if whatever takes place to Honey, its now not my fault. Nurse asks Harleen to sign up the papers. Harleen asks her to wait, her husband could be coming now. They get bowled over seeing a blast. They ask medical doctor is Honey high-quality. doctor says there’s a short circuit, we will’t do MRI now, we will shift him to ICU. Rocky asks Kabir to include him for assist. Meenu thinks i have cut the wires, however electrician will restoration it, where is Kabir. Kabir indicates the syringe to Meenu. Rocky speaks to health practitioner. medical doctor says Honey is unconscious, we have to do a MRI, i can pass and take a look at if the device is satisfactory. Hrleen waits for Rocky. Happy prays for Honey. Harleen sees Rocky.

Happy goes. Harleen asks wherein have been you. Rocky thinks she can worry if I inform about the homicide. She says I don’t realize how this passed off, Honey fainted. Meenu gets the syringe from Kabir and goes. Rocky says Honey will be pleasant. Kabir says i can check reviews as soon as. He is going. Happy says Rocky’s own family, Harleen and Honey, I need to move from here, I m no longer his own family. Rocky senses Happy and stops. Happy cries. Humdum mere….plays… Harleen asks what occurred. Rocky says nothing, it’d be an phantasm. Happy sees Meenu injecting something within the saline. Meenu calls Kabir and says work is performed, no one has seen me, there may be no one right here. Happy receives bowled over. Meenu hears a legitimate and is going. Happy thinks did she do anything to Honey. Rocky and Harleen come to Honey. Rocky asks how did this show up. Happy goes. Rocky turns.

Precap: Happy appears for Meenu and says what did she visit Honey. She is going to Meenu.

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