Vidya 23rd September 2019 Written Episode Update

Vidya 23rd September 2019 Written Episode Update - Telly Updates
Vidya 23rd September 2019 Written Episode Update

Vidya 23rd September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Vidya coming to the school. She sees Nanku. He welcomes her. He asks where are the kids, didn’t they come. He says you have done a good job, but if kids don’t come, you will get fired. He taunts her. He says I have a way to help you. He comes to Vidya. He asks her to meet him alone. She recalls Avtaar’s words. He asks where are the kids. Prem comes and says kids are here, not just 100, but 101. Nanku gets shocked. Vidya looks on. Prem greets Nanku. He says this is the result of Vidya’s hardwork, she was roaming in the village in hungry-thirsty state, even Jagat had seen her.

Prem says I have just helped Vidya. Nanku looks on. Nanku angrily goes. Vidya slips in Prem’s arms. They have a moment. Vidya goes. Avtaar makes Bablu and Dharma do sit ups. He says I went to city, what did you do that Vidya fainted, where is she. Dharma says we have taken care of her all night, we slept in the morning, she wasn’t at home, she wasn’t there in the village and fields.

Avtaar slaps Bablu. Vidya comes to see the people getting kids admissions done. Santosh says I will take the filled forms. She praises Vidya for the good work. Vidya goes to pick a form. She goes to give it to Santosh. Santosh asks Tiwari what will she get. He says 25000rs. She says great, its bonus for me. She hears them. Santosh says Nanku covered the food expenses loss, and also got his aim fulfilled. Tiwari says this 10 lakhs won’t go to Nanku, bank manager Charulata is the first partner, we will increase the classes, govt will give money for books and uniforms, the kids’ parents won’t get anything, 1 lakh will go to Charulata, 1 lakh will go to SP, so that police stays happy, 1 lakh will go to education minister, 2 lakhs will go to Collector, remaining 5 lakhs… I will get 1 lakh, I will give 25000rs to Santosh and 25000rs to Tripathi, I will just get 50000rs, remaining 4 lakhs will be taken by 4lakhs. Tripathi says if govt. knows this fraud. Santosh says Nanku is the govt. here. Vidya moves and a pot falls down. They go to see. They don’t see anyone. Tiwari says we shall see who was there. Santosh sees Vidya in the class. Vidya gets tensed and holds a book upside down. The kids also hold books in that manner. Santosh comes in.

Precap: Prem shouts Vidya. She asks him not to follow her. Nanku sees them. Prem asks her to listen. Vidya scolds Prem and says I m a widow. Nanku says ask goons to kill Prem.