YEH TERI GALIYAN December 25th 2018 Written Update: Episode (Shan Sees Asmita In Uniform)

YEH TERI GALIYAN December 25th 2018 Written Update: Episode (Shan Sees Asmita In Uniform) - Telly Updates
YEH TERI GALIYAN December 25th 2018 Written Update: Episode (Shan Sees Asmita In Uniform)

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_ Yeh Teri Galiyan Episode _ starts With Asmita says I did all this for you so that you don’t have to be with this label of culprit.. He says I what? Asmita leaves. Shan wonders what did she suggest? He says I should find out what did she suggest? Shan comes to Asmita and says you’ve got to tell me the whole component. How am i culprit? He says I don’t recognize what are you speakme approximately. pass from right here. someone pulls her hand. She says shan depart.. it’s beauty. splendor says first name of Shan to your mouth? he’s brother of your husband to be. Do you pull every guy to you want that? Asmita is indignant. she wonders she has heard accent. beauty says Shan is most effective Paro’s. She says i’m able to answer you however I don’t wanna disrespect an elder. beauty says live faraway from Shan. i can get you kicked out of here.

‘Yeh Teri Galiyan’ 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update:

Asmita says you’re so classless. She leaves. splendor says I must keep an eye fixed on her. she will’t be visible close to Shan anymore.

all of us is in jagrata. Paro asks Shan to dance along with her. He drops her.. Paro falls on ground. She says shan you dropped me on the ground? select me now. splendor alternatives her up. A girl says the jagrata stopped due to her this isn’t an awesome signal. Asmita says in coronary heart please display me a manner out God.

Asmita offers presents to terrible people with Shan. He says you have to inform me what you intended. you could’t conceal it from me. She says I dont’ recognize what are you pronouncing. we can speak later. Shan holds her hand adn says enough. provide an explanation for me what it meant. She says when did I say that? He says my Puchki cant lie. They recalls their early life. Asmita says why might I say that? Ridoy comes and holds Shan’s hand. Asmita smiles. He says come I wanna show you some thing. She says what? He says please come. e takes Asmta internal. Ridoy brings Asmita to nevi. She says those are our own family bangles. Asmita says in heart how lengthy am i able to placed up with all this. Nevi makes her wear the bangles. Asmita sees the bangles that the kidnapper became carrying. Nevi says do you want them? asmita says yes. She says these had been mine now they may be yours. Asmita says I have to discover who the alternative individual is in all this. Why might she kidnap her personal husband?

Asmita comes and offers the bangles to Khurana. Khurana says only you saw those bangles how can they be used as a evidence? this will’t paintings inside the court docket. She says we are close to provide an explanation for it. I must find that guy. Khurana says you are being emotional. We want a witness or we need nevi to confess or we want Aru to come back and inform all people himself. She says i will find a way out to remedy this example.

Shan is riding. He says I ought to discover what she imply by saying i am the wrongdoer. I must to go to her vicinity. He comes outdoor her location and sees Asmita in uniform. Shan is greatly surprised. Asmita goes home. He says why is she sporting police uniform?

Precap: Shan comes interior and asks asmita to show returned.

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