Yeh Teri Galiyan 6th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Shan’s Court Hearing

Yeh Teri Galiyan 6th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Shan’s Court Hearing - Telly Updates
Yeh Teri Galiyan 6th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Shan’s Court Hearing

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Court hearing starts Lawyer says this case is crystal clean. i will show in minutes that Shan killed his FIL. choose says who is the other legal professional? He says there are no defendants. Asmita comes as a legal professional and says i will combat Shan’s case. Asmita says i’m Asmita Kumari, here is my exercise license.
Lawyer says Shan turned into concerned with every other female outside his marriage. Shivankar tried to inform him not to do this. hence, he killed Shivankar. He calls Aditya. legal professional asks him, did Shan threaten Shivankar? Adituya says sure, he threatened shivankar. He says now i would name Ravindra within the witness box.

Ravindra coems in witness container. Lawyer asks has shan hit his spouse? He says sure that is actual. Shan has hit her. Lawyer says he has an extramarital affair and he lives with that female? Ravindra says sure that’s true. legal professional says here are the rental papers of the flat. How might a father tolerate his SIL living with some other girl and hitting his wife? He tried speaking to Shan and shan attacked him.
ASmita says I want to ask Shan a few questions. Asmita asks what occurred therE? He says once I entered that room it become darkish. Shivankar become stabbed already. Lawer says was there someone else? Shan says no. Lawyer says so he stabbed himself? He says the female he’s involved with is asmita. Shan says i really like her. don’t say a word about her. i can kill you. He says another death threat. choose says shan you want to manipulate yourself. The court goes for spoil.

Asmita comes and hugs sHan. She says i will fix the whole thing. Your Puchki is usually right here for you. He says I trust you absolutely. ASmita says I want to tell you some thing. A policeman comes and asks asmita to depart the room. sHan wonders what did she want to tell. listening to starts once more. Asmita says there’s no witness. there is no evidence agaisnt shan. legal professional says he has the knife in his hand. Don’t waste court’s time. whilst the case is so clean we don’t need a witness. all of sudden a person throws in smoke bomb. all and sundry coughs. Asmita is stabbed. she screams. The Lawyer takes out her knife. Asmita gets up. She says sorry it turned into all a drama. Ridoy threw that bomb. Asmita says like he didn’t stab me but there may be knife in is hand. identical befell with Shan. He attempted to ease Shivankar’s pain. shan is being trapped. judge says do you understand who is the assassin then? She says yes the murderer is in court, it’s far Nandani. everyone is dazed.

No precap.